🚨 BITCOIN RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THEY’RE COMING…..

Is Bitcoin truly going to zero {dollars} in the present day? As #Bitcoin winds up for its subsequent main transfer we should pay excessive consideration to what’s secretly brewing within the background. Between all of the doom and gloom lies a $BTC secret. Ignore it… and pay the worth. This is the place true #BTC legend are made.

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0:00 Intro
3:40 Bitcoin Analysis
11:40 Whale Watching
12:47 Major Adoption
20:10 Exchanges vs Solutions
24:19 We Are Close…
25:28 Final Thoughts

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    0:00 Intro
    3:40 Bitcoin Analysis
    11:40 Whale Watching
    12:47 Major Adoption
    20:10 Exchanges vs Solutions
    24:19 We Are Close…
    25:28 Final Thoughts

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  2. Waiting to “buy the dip” is not a good strategy. It’s timing the market & the cash drag will likely kill your returns anyway. Dollar cost average & AUTOMATICALLY take advantage of all market conditions.

  3. If you're like me that accumulates more assets on Atomic Wallet during dips and corrections, then you're set for the retirement of your dreams.

  4. Hey KDub love your staff can you please explain to us how come whales are buying thousands of bitcoin and it’s not moving the market instead the market is going down?

  5. Good analysis. I still think sideways could go a long time since people will hang onto cash due to the Biden incompetence and recession; I hope you’re right.

  6. I love you K-dub but you keep using the term generational. If a generation is roughly 25 years then I'd argue anything below $100 bitcoin was your shot at a generational buying opportunity.

    Here in the next 4-12 months we might see the next best shot, best opportunity for the next decade, but generational? We both missed that boat already. I bought an $800 plasma 50" TV in spring 2013 that I still have a love. But I often kick myself because that could have been $500,000 worth of BTC at our top of 69k. Had i only known…

  7. A over realistic bull senario regarding a Bitcoin price returning to the previous high would imply the all time high this cycle is not yet in… Haha.

  8. I respect where you are coming from and all of your TA is sound. However we have never seen BTC behave in a true bear market recession. I would argue that BTC has been on one major bull market since it was born from the ashes of the 2008 recession. What bitcoiners call bear markets I'd say have been corrections. I'll be placing limit orders to dollar cost average from $7k-3.5k and then save a few dollars just in case it goes lower. If it doesn't I'll spend those on the way back up to $7k.

  9. Myyyyy Brother n Uncle K-Dub … lol… hope u and Family are well and awesome to see you as always, sooooo appreciate your superb insight and you .. take care and see you soon :)) love you too my Brother

  10. Dont buy bitcoin right now. It dosnt matter that whales are doing because they are buying otc. This means there buys dont effect the price. They are waiting for you to buy because your buys effect the price and then they dump on you. Just sit back and let them eat each other for now. Fuck what the moon, zombie, crypto r us, bitboy, wendy o and any other youtuber is saying right now. Look at whats happening.

  11. Why they want to integrate BTC if BTC will go to 0 ?? I dont know … but BTC will go to 0 .. Use pen and paper and calculate 14 years from now miners will need to spend entire US electricity production just to confirm 4.6 transactions per second … in 18 years we will need Dyson Sphere to do that


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