BANKRUPTCY BOMBSHELL (Why Dozens Of CRYPTO Exchanges Are Dissolving) | BitBoy Crypto

In your nightly crypto information wrap-up, we convey you the highest crypto tales. Jim Cramer says there’s no actual worth in crypto. The bear market continues to take gamers off the desk and is it potential for Cardano to blast off by September?

Insolvency has been hitting the Crypto exchanges laborious, and bit gamers proceed to fall throughout this bear market. A current headline states that 25 exchanges have been worn out over the past 30 days, which can sound excessive, however is certainly comprehensible with every part that’s been happening.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:16 Cramer News Clip
0:58 Cramer vs. Crypto
2:08 Market Watch with Frankie Candles
3:14 R.I.P. Crypto Exchanges
4:42 Cardano’s Good News

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41 thoughts on “BANKRUPTCY BOMBSHELL (Why Dozens Of CRYPTO Exchanges Are Dissolving) | BitBoy Crypto”

  1. It's best to use decentralized crypto exchanges like CRP IS if you don't want information about your purchases to get to third parties.

  2. I bought bitcoin back around 2012 for $2.50 per coin. I had 72 bitcoin in MTGOX exchange. I pretty much lost most of it in 2014 when MTGOX went bankrupt. Now I use a Ledger Nano X.

  3. Is trust wallet good? Since all this I’m looking for a safe spot to put my crypto that’s not a brokerage/doesn’t have the same drive to growth, profitability, risk like Voyager and the like but I don’t like cold storage.

  4. I'm <just a <Buy and Hold $BTC investor, it pains my heart that it's all happening now, I invested huge two months ago and now we are near the bottom, i think I've lost it all. How do i go about making good gains> in this bear market>

  5. @1:08 "He's probably still mad about selling off all his bitcoin in June last year."

    So you're mocking some guy because he sold his bitcoin at the wrong time. Then tell us crypto 'genius', how much bitcoin did you have before it reached $60,000 in October-November of 2021? How much bitcoin have you sold after it surpassed $60,000 during that time?

  6. Two crypto coins that are about to take off for Retail investors on Coinbase are DYP and Jupiter! I called it right when I told you guys to invest in Unifi Protocol DAO a month ago when it sat at under $3 and ran to over $40!!!! DYP (Defi Yield Protocol) sits at 0.26 with a small max supply of 25 million tokens. Jupiter has a 1 billion max supply and all coins are circulation! Jupiter sits at 0.0158!!! Both very low market cap. Once price discovery sits in, it will do exactly what Unifi Protocol Dao did. Learn what to look for and Do your own research!!!!

  7. Mahalo Nui 🌴 Bitboy for teaching me how to invest in the Crypto markets for 2 years now going on 3 years 😀 I can happily 😊 to say that I became a Crypto Multi-Millionaire Overnight last night 🌙 🚀 buying Shibadoge coin 🪙 if only the Liquidity was still available for me to convert it into USDC. Hahaha lol 😆 🤣 😂 😅 But hey at least it's in my wallet and it's still there for safe keeping waiting for Liquidity to go back into Shibadoge 🪙 … You can say that you made another Crypto Millionaire in the BitSquad…BitSquad will prevail and go to the moon 🚀 🌙 and we will conquer 💪
    Mahalo Nui 🌴 Bitboy you're the man! Thank you 😊 and Be Blessed 🙌 😇 🙏 Akamai Ali'i Kamakiuga Alo Aloha coconut 💵 🌴

  8. nOt yOuR kEyS nOt yOuR cRyPto….. so I guess we just hold our pretend money on a little USB stick and be pretend rich but can't offramp it anywhere. This is fucking bullshit. If we can't use exchanges and other platforms what the fuck is the point of all this.

  9. Bitboy used to shill every shitcoin that paid him hundreds of thousands of $$$ to do so. How can someone be that disingenuous ?

  10. It seems like they want to keep and accumulate everybody’s bitcoin and etherium and major all coins and just give away their bullshit voyager coin in return.


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