Billion Dollar Bankruptcy Gets WORSE

that is in all probability unlawful and Mark Cuban is a horrible crypto investor.
Voyager is a crypto dealer that not too long ago went bust, filed for chapter 11 chapter and clients are nervous about their cash. I’m right here to breakdown what Voyager did, why it issues and why what they’re doing won’t fly in courtroom.
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This video is an opinion and by no means needs to be construed as statements of truth. Scams, unhealthy enterprise alternatives, and pretend gurus are subjective phrases that imply various things to completely different individuals. I feel somebody who guarantees $100K/month for an upfront charge of $2K is a rip-off. Others would name it a Napoleon Hill pitch.


28 thoughts on “Billion Dollar Bankruptcy Gets WORSE”

  1. I made about 8k in profit and sold a few months ago, I still have 1k in that's locked and my friend has 7k cause he didn't sell, never really knew what voyager was tbh just thought it was a normal way to invest, I got lucky at least, but I'm sure there's others that thought the same of voyager that are stuck…

  2. My Mom and I earn massively on our investment since we started trading with Mrs Nicole Brusher, her set skills are amazing

  3. In addition why do I have a dark feeling even though this may take a couple more months or even a few years this is going to work in investors favor largely because of the way the judge is questioning the antics of Voyager?

  4. Only reason I put my money into voyager was the FDIC insured statement turns out only money left in cash will be able to get back

  5. "investing" in unregulated "securities" went bad: whodathunk? Strikes me that these companies are just one step beyond ICOs that were created as intentional rug-pulls. Just that the scam was a bit more sophisticated in round 2.


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