Bitcoin Price Pump: TOO MUCH for Crypto! (1 Day TOO EARLY?)

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30 thoughts on “Bitcoin Price Pump: TOO MUCH for Crypto! (1 Day TOO EARLY?)”

  1. Solana is like amazon, a beast that got dumped during the bubble burst, but that will completely overshadow 99.99% of projects in the coming years… I also bought solana cheap around $25 before it rose to $270 but didn't dump the bag until the low 100s where a 50% plus drop was more than I was willing to accept. Solana showed its potential during the last bull run, as an investment, but unlike the EOS and Trons and Stellar and Cardano, which are all dead projects or vaporware from the 2017-18 bull cycle, Solana is one to stay and grow, despite the occasional hiccups the network still experiences. It fundamental strength? It's built by top notch unicorn engineers, the like of which we don't see in any of the shitcoin projects that abound in the cryptosphere.

  2. I still think we haven't hit bottom though, bottom can be returning to 19k (I don't think 10K is the expected low anymore, it has gone up to 23K). If you see the cost of oil, it's starting to come down. So BTC might follow that. I do think that if you are a short term investor, sell and long term investor hold it.

  3. Grab onto profits with ALTCOINS. Hold ON TO your BTC Your future self will be HAPPY. DON'T BE A FOREVER BEAR. We all know that 91% of BTC is already out there so there's going to be a supply shortage. 😉 WHALES WILL TAKE IT ALL

  4. Great update… so much FUD in the marketplace is affecting everything. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market. I am glad as a small investor that I'm putting my hard earned savings into the most that being said the only transparent market there is Day Trading. Using FX Pamela E. Anderson method I’ve accumulated over 11BTC lately.

  5. I still started buying Bitcoin on Bitfinex on time. I was worried that bitcoin would be 19k for a long time, but it's good that I was wrong.

  6. This video was a turn off for me, Jason why are you alienating your viewers, the way you talk about people is not good, Michael is not as condescending as you are.

  7. Thank you for the dose of reality, it’s refreshing to get a realistic outlook on the market.🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

  8. DXY goes up to protect the dollar, however, once the dollar is stabilized, long term inflation take over the economy, where bitcoin will increase in value. This is why we are looking at blue skies for new highs.

  9. Jason, what about those who are down in relation to their initial investment? Do they take profits each time the market pumps or they wait till the market reaches their entry levels?


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