Bitcoin prices march higher, and why crypto miners turned into crypto sellers: CNBC Crypto World

CNBC Crypto World options the most recent information and day by day buying and selling updates from the digital forex markets and gives viewers with a have a look at what’s forward with high-profile interviews, explainers, and distinctive tales from the ever-changing crypto trade. CNBC’s Tanaya Macheel speaks with Julio Moreno of CryptoQuant to interrupt down the pattern of crypto miners turning into crypto sellers, and what the pattern means for buyers.

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Bitcoin prices march larger, and why crypto miners turned into crypto sellers: CNBC Crypto World


18 thoughts on “Bitcoin prices march higher, and why crypto miners turned into crypto sellers: CNBC Crypto World”

  1. How does BTC keep dipping and the majority of altcoins are standing strong. anyways I am happy bitcoin ain't dumping as we saw in the past 24-48hrs when it dipped to 17k. hopefully, things gonna normalize.

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  6. Is crypto that different from other investments? Oil didn't have a price two years ago. Bitcoin is over $20,000 after all the crap thrown at it. The S&P drops every few years, down 20% in 7 months, maybe another 30% to go. Gold/silver racketeered out of reality. Housing, what a joy ride that has been. The 12 man FED giveth and taketh away. We are the victims. Bitcoin can fix this. Kick it if you wish but it will be at your peril. It must win for humanity's sake.

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  11. Thanks for your report l will see cryptocurrency as one of the best digital investment and I totally love the technology when it comes to the large crypto asset Bitcoin, and bitcoke platform with The Name Top,, 🆙 🆙

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