Bitcoin REJECTION: TOO LATE for Crypto 80% Pump?

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Bitcoin and Crypto Market Update. Solana worth evaluation, Ethereum worth evaluation, Cardano worth evaluation, and technical evaluation for buying and selling cryptos in a bear market.

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24 thoughts on “Bitcoin REJECTION: TOO LATE for Crypto 80% Pump?”

  1. Here he goes again pushing leverage trading. Only 2% of experienced traders make money in leverage trading. So why is he doing this? You look at his videos from a year ago and he used to tell his viewers stay away from leverage trading. Now all the sudden every video he does is about leverage trading. By bit must be paying these guys a lot of money. Because they are just selling out their viewers. They're going to get so many people wrecked, just so they can fill their pockets fill with by bit money. If you notice they just sent them all the Monaco. You think that was cheap? What a bunch of sellouts

  2. Enjoy the highs, fish 🐟 up the lows’

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, summertime rally will very very soon be in play ….🎣….🏖

    Litecoin 2023 halving closer each second as MWEB goes live ⚡️

  3. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to built wealth, Investment remains the priority, the stock market has plenty opportunities to earn a decent payout, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works.

  4. Bitcoin has been in a bear market, ever since the market began heading for recession. It may enjoy a genuine rally, when the economy recovers. The economy may never recover. At least you didn't buy Celsius, though!

  5. I wish I got in on digital currencies early, I should have made millions by now, I just began investing now that the digital currency market is crashing and I'd appreciate clues and strategies on how to make a good profit within next few months

  6. Bull only, that would be "RAN" over at crypto banter. That guy has cost people more money than any other crypto influencer. I think he's a crook. That's why I was so surprised when you went on his show. Very disappointed.

  7. Jason, I saw you on DCA with James and Ben. I really enjoy your perspective, commentary and gains-focused commentary. I think you provide a well-balanced, common sense approach to the market and look forward to learning from you moving forward. 

    -Proud New Subscriber

  8. I did shutdown Twitter and most of trivial social media years ago. Made me a better trader and living a more peaceful life.

  9. Decoupling is happening. BTC has no use case. ETH is garbage. ISO 20022 is taking over. Buy Bye. TA is nonsense.

  10. Hi. I cannot find one simple info on the internet, so I would be happy if you post one video addressing it. How to accumulate BTC on long run? Do you use one address and add coins every month (if you DCA)? If you use more than one address, isn't it too expensive to pay fees for all of those addresses if you want to transfer some money? My questions are about small investors. If you use 30-40-50 USD DCA-ing every month, isn't it better and cheaper to use just one address for accumulation? I hope you post a video about this, as nowhere I can find a credible info. Thanks in advance.


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