Today let’s discuss concerning the subsequent transfer for Bitcoin and listen to about what some assume could occur. Also, Voyager Digital customers could also be getting compensation earlier than anticipated resulting from Sam Bankman-Fried and FTX.

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0:00 Intro
1:05 Market Overview
1:55 A New Hope
6:30 SBF Domination
7:30 KuCoin FUD
8:55 Crypto Adoption
10:35 Bitcoins Move
12:00 Damage Absorbed
13:20 CZ Doesn’t Care
14:20 Bitcoin Addresses
15:00 ETH Holders
15:30 Bitcoin Technicals
16:15 Sandbox – Polygon
16:45 Ripple Objects
18:00 Shib & TTF
19:00 Q&A

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  1. Hello dear blogger, I have been following your YouTube channel for a long time。Your video explanation is very good and helped me a lot。I hope to communicate with you deeply, looking forward to your reply, and business communication with you。。

  2. Well, I was wrong !

    I should have bought the Robo Inu Finance last years, when they just having the launchpad. Now they have their owns launchpad, means the money will flowing in this platform.

    $RBIF will go to the moon !!!

  3. Other than BTC everything is a security. Nothing wrong with that either? Pay now or pay later. No dif? Pay your taxes and eventually things will change but we need to keep the world moving forward

  4. I think FTX and Strike will lead us. Love those guys!! Smartest mother truckers out there. My hats off to them. Hope to make Miami and Amsterdam in the spring with all my employees.

  5. Hello George, my name is MJ from the Netherlands, i heard you Say that youre not the biggest fan of xrp?!, thats oke, but i least expect that you are was saying about ripple that they are going one of the strongest crypto in the future, xrp is the future, and if the sec loses the price of xrp will be parabolic with an high between $1000 and $12000 before 2030

  6. Bankman-Fried's ambition, increasing power and control of the crypto industry is getting dangerous – or it is already. Combine this with his political influence by donating huge amounts of money to Biden and many other politicians. He is planning to spend up to a Billion with a B in 2024 for elections. Kind of interesting why he is doing so well while the whole industry is struggling. We don't need a centralized power company like Google or FB in crypto.

  7. so basically everyone that bought VGX is at a huge loss with probably no recovery, great.
    and FTX said "some' , what about 95-100% of our money?

  8. New to the channel! George is very humble, knowledgeable, soft spoken, built from the ground up! Keep up the good work!

  9. Money buys piece of mind, which in turn buys a level of happiness. Not having to worry about were your next meal is coming from or how you're going to pay rent/mortgage, bills, necessities etc. Brings happiness. If you've honestly been on both sides, you're over-all a lot more happy with Money!

  10. I went all in at this point, Was only able to pull .496 bit coin, Its bumming me out but i'll take what i can get..

  11. Looks like Btc tring to go hard for close. Starting to turn market green. Gst is exploding with bond as well as some other alt coin.

    Great weekend so far. Hope to see btc better tomorrow. Goes hard at week start.


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