BREAKING – RBI Plans to BAN Cryptocurrency | F.M about Crypto in Lok Sabha | India Crypto News

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27 thoughts on “BREAKING – RBI Plans to BAN Cryptocurrency | F.M about Crypto in Lok Sabha | India Crypto News”

  1. RBI is fearing that banking sector will be down and there jobs will be in problem. That is why they are asking government to ban crypto

  2. Government need only money from people. Crypto ban pana indian share market movement Nala erukum as well own rupee digital like China yuvan kondu Vara planning

  3. Padippu arivu iladha mutta pasanga elam rbi la governor ah irundha ippidi than sondhs currency poor aita irundha adha paakama mathadhu elam pesuvanunga

  4. Cryptocurrency nala india la irukka Bankers ku prblm varum….avangalala profit pakka mudiyathu…..banking system illama crypto nala valarum mudiyum…crypto ku middleman theva illa ….

  5. Bro best aana International exchanges use panna solringale thavira,Oru top 3 best exchanges apdi recommend panna Subscribers ku useful ah irukkum la


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