Breakout! Digging into Macro, Pairs, Crypto, Exponential Assets + more

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00:00 Introduction
00:41 The Good
00:51 Winter Over if BTC Price Does This – Time
02:02 Total Days Below Realized Price
04:00 Extreme Fear Dead after 74 Days
04:44 BTC Wallets better than 1 BTC
06:03 SC’s Dropping
06:28 Digital Asset Inflow
06:56 Money Flows By Crypto Asset
07:47 Hashrate again at March 2022 Levels
08:21 Tesla Used Car Demand vs Others
09:25 BNP Offering BTC Custody
10:22 Top UFC Fighter Takes Full Salary in BTC
11:07 The Bad
11:12 BTC STHs are Flushed Out
12:20 Miners Dumped 25% of BTC Bags in June
13:06 The Ugly
13:09 Recession It Is!
14:05 S&P500 vs Dollar Purchasing Power
15:43 “I’m Waiting for Bitcoin to Test $1,100”
16:11 Charts
16:24 BTC Breaking 200 WMA
17:14 ETH Whales Returning – 131 More in 10 Weeks
18:08 ETH:BTC Pair on a Tear
19:20 ETH:BTC Pair
19:40 SOL:ADA Pair
20:21 MATIC DAU Outperforming Price
21:25 GOOG vs AMZN 5 Years
22:16 AMZN DCA vs Lump Sum


28 thoughts on “Breakout! Digging into Macro, Pairs, Crypto, Exponential Assets + more”

  1. Great update… so much FUD in the marketplace is affecting everything. On the other hand there are many ways of manipulating the market. I am glad as a smart investor that I am putting my hard earned savings into the most better said the only transparent market there is Day Trading. I’ve accumulated over 17BTC using Shlomi Gray method lately.

  2. Maybe I'm the only one, but I lost half my bag in the crash and then lost most of what was left between Celsius and Voyager bankruptcy?

  3. James I really hope u are prepared for things to switch. I do love this channel but I've noticed u get quite emotional when things ain't going to well. Also I think u are a bit naive sometimes in regards to people telling the truth etc. I hope u have learned a lesson In regards to the Celsius situation. I no u are just looking out for people and want the best for them but I do think u need to take the bitcoin blinkers of sometimes. U was ADAMANT bitcoin wasn't going under 30k and look what happened. I really hope your still upbeat when bitcoin drops again because there is no way the so called bitcoin winter is over lol this thing ain't even started. In my opinion bitcoin will drop to around 10 to 14k I'm 90% sure especially with the mount gok situation just around the corner, anyway I really hope I don't see u break down again James because I really like u and it wasn't nice seeing u literally holding back tears the other day it was really concerning and sad. Please look after yourself and take care

  4. MR James, You don't know me,no one does actually,here's a tip I only tell the chosen few so you don't think I'm full of rubbish,,when looking at candles,,do it on a 24hr volume using Chinese yen…also the answer to why the yen is struggling…fiat has a habit of running hot when the pool is going through that exchange..UnKnown Market Maker BTC.NY

  5. Of course James … It would be great to hear you talk about equities more as well. 😊 .. Love your analysis …

  6. Hello James, thank you for everything you do and share with all of us.

    I would really appreciate you talking about the stock market (14:35), thank you sir!

  7. Thanks for the updates James, Really appreciate your giving back to the community. ❤️
    By the way 23:30 is breath of Joy not pressure. 😉

  8. Kiyosaki a one trick pony great book Rich Dad, Poor Dad (although derivative read “The Richest Man In Babylon” ) lived off that his entire life now enjoys doing clickbait YouTube content and interviews. His current advice should be avoided like the plague!

  9. Always interesting background info about all things "investing" but really missing propper TA here. To even suggets the bottom could be in sounds rather premature in my oppinion. For me it's not IF we gonna go down but HOW MUCH we gonna go down. I hope not below 10k otherwise it might be a long crytro winter.

  10. good news, everyone getting sick of stocks can't handle it, toughen up and buy, don't know why people complain, should be happy sale price now on. if we're here again in 10 years, same price then i'll be sad

  11. Hi James I would just like to say I think your videos with all the information you give are up there on being the best on YouTube.

  12. Throwing out some honesty here. I got into Crypto back in peak 2021. Yolod in hard and now massively underwater. But haven’t sold and have no intention to sell. With James (and a few other help) have rebalanced bags on the way without too much damage. While under water James has given me a huge insight into what should be done and how. This channel has been a remarkable education. I will wait for the next run, it will happen, and when it does I will be fully configured for doing it properly. Thanks to James and his team for the support. – A humble retail investor.


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