Today let’s take a look at Bitcoin and the Crypto market. Also what occurred to Peter Schiff can occur anybody, reveals why we’d like BTC.

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0:00 Intro
1:10 Market Update
1:55 FOMC Release
5:00 Car Payments
5:26 Euro Pacific Bank
9:01 Celsius Update
10:20 Voyager Update
12:20 Vauld Update
14:05 Outflow
15:30 Safeguard your crypto
21:00 Long Term Invesotrs
23:00 Shib Update
26:00 Q&A

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  1. I bought a nano from Amazon, should I be concerned that it could be corrupted by some one who put malware on it? Is that a real thing?

  2. Where is Celsius getting the money from to pay of its debts? Alex Mashinsky is the majority holder of CEL and a Billionaire right with over 50 patents. Not hard for him to pay off debts, move money around, sell some holdings, not rocket science George lol. Stay positive people, we aren't selling now anyway so let Celsius do what they have to, no problem.

  3. My fantasy is that one day there will be a YouTube awards. And George will accept award which Peter Schiff will present his award, and then George smacks the crap out of him lol

  4. Hello George, I’m George we’re all George. Can you talk about Exodus Wallet some. I have keys but it’s an Mobil wallet. How safe are my crypto’s and are mobile wallets that have keys 100% in the owners hands or keys 🔐 🔑 are owned by the wallet app and you just have a spare 🔑

  5. BTC will retest 17.5k support in the coming days if that failed to hold 16k coming…Anyway we are still far away from the bottom, stocks will dump minimum 30-35% form here, a lot of room for downside

  6. 💯<Absolutely brilliant!!Mr milogerald_fx, helps me to get into and stay winning trades and ready to guide me when ever.<__ I'm not getting it right thank you very much sir ,I really appreciate

  7. You blurred the name of the email adress but left their initials on YK. Should be easy to track who’s the insider🤣

  8. Love the channel btw…. What would happen if your wallet company went bust that would be the same as the exchange going bust?

  9. Minutes need to be checked and ratified, but you'd think it could be done more quickly. There will be a load of things said and not minuted thats for sure.

  10. Hi I am on exodus and I wonder about the key thing, I already keyd my wallet but on the app it proposes to key every single cryptocurrency is this another layer of security or ? Should I key it all ?

  11. Bluetooth on Nano-X is no different to having a cable on Nano-S it won't make less security. It is more of a psychological reason.

  12. Why are the minutes not released… because they don’t want plebs to know until it’s too late to be able to do anything about it 🧐

  13. Having a go at peter Schiff is rich from global tax investigators……yet let billions from Biden flow into ulkraine and their politicians are caught trying to smuggle millions out in suitcases and buying foreign real estate plus photographed on luxury super yachts in Dubai with hookers yeah real nice. .tax donations paying for that lifestyle……wow …..you can bet those investigators won't touch that. ..

  14. If they think it’s to long there is a fast FWD button ! You don’t have to watch it all . Unless your smart and want some good input !


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