CAUTION: Bitcoin History REPEATING for a 4th Time!? 44.6% Crypto Crash

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28 thoughts on “CAUTION: Bitcoin History REPEATING for a 4th Time!? 44.6% Crypto Crash”

  1. I undeniably treasure the update on crypto we are getting from you,<for me i think predicting a trend reversal is dangerous, and I feel there is more to this market than we now see. People do not strive to grow their average when they are losing, but this can change if you have a personal trade guide and signal source like Kerry Pickett, who has made me almost 9.5 on a 2 btc trade capital over the last 10 months. Make an informed decision. Markets go through cycles that can range from a few days to several years. It's difficult to establish a bullish case for B -TC merely by looking at the charts,

  2. Is crypto that different from other investments? Oil didn't have a price two years ago. Bitcoin is over $20,000 after all the crap thrown at it. The S&P drops every few years, down 20% in 7 months, maybe another 30% to go. Gold/silver racketeered out of reality. Housing, what a joy ride that has been. The 12 man FED giveth and taketh away. We are the victims. Bitcoin can fix this. Kick it if you wish but it will be at your peril. It must win for humanity's sake.

  3. The bottom is already in for bitcoin and many top altcoins. It is just your hopeful thinking that you'll get a chance to buy much cheaper

  4. Please do some research on DeFi Yield Protocol on Coinbase. It is currently sitting at 27 cents with only 25 million max tokens. Based on this alone, you know what it will do. DYP will easily reach $5.00-$10.00 dollars this year. I called Unifi Protocol last month when it was under $3.00 and it jumped to over $40.

  5. Seems like 5/7 tube channels I watch have flipped hard core bullish. The last time we had a macro bottom, No One was bullish.

  6. I guess team will get big like avax and solona it can start growing so fast. it is better not to miss this opportunity

  7. guys I just checked the team of this project and found out that people working in ethereum founded this company. what do you think

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  9. Dude! I live in Australia but I m Italian and I m in Milan for holidays, if you want to catch up for a drink let s do it

  10. Hey paisano, so Jason you still must have family in Italy then huh? Must be nice to get out of that hell hole Australia. With that totalitarian government you have there. If I were you I would not return. Klaus swab, and the New world order will take Australia first. Protect yourself and your family. Don't return. You been warned.

  11. I've noticed on ftx their is more volumn on etherum than btc. Wonder if this has something to do with eth 2.0?

    Wonder if eth 2.0 could cause a lil crypto pump?

  12. I noticed a lot of difference in the Volume between BTC/USD and BTC/USDT. Jason, which one should we be watching when deciding is a trade has enough Volume to trade.
    Thank you always for your content. We are so lucky to have you teach us. Ciao for now, e buona vacanza !


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