Chinese Bank Runs: Why You NEED To Pay Attention To This!!

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Twitter Thread on Crisis:
Codes Turn Red:
What’s Behind The Runs:
Rural Bank Runs:
Mortgage Strike:
China Credit Crunch:
China GDP Numbers:


0:00 Intro
0:42 What Bank Runs?
5:17 The Protests Start
8:41 The Protests Grow
11:37 China’s Economic Problems
14:51 Mortgage Strikes
18:10 Conclusion


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32 thoughts on “Chinese Bank Runs: Why You NEED To Pay Attention To This!!”

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  3. Try not to drop your vocal volume at the end of every phrase. Doing so you are making it difficult to understand your message, when we play it at volumes low enough not to disturb our neighbors.

  4. So, usually throughout history this has caused a ripple effect that has absolutely decimated the economy, leaving people both poor and distrusting, which has nearly always given way to populism, which has given way to war, and in the few cases it hasn't it was because the ruling party had decided to go to war anyway, long story short, throughout history it has often been a catalyst for war, because peace doesn't sell well during poverty when war is nearly always profitable.
    I sincerely hope I'm wrong, but most big wars in history have started like this

  5. This is a blessing sound to my ears, China killing themselves in the same way the US did. And in fact, the flats and houses in China weren’t even theirs after purchase, everything is owned by the CCP. To add – its just going to turn out to be another civil war… They might even ask Russia to help, but they are at war themselves.. and in no way will the west help (I hope). Maybe the CIA can put a pro western government in china and intervene

  6. Great investigative reporting Guy. So much going on from all sides. Thanks for attempting to bring some sense to it. No easy task


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