Coin Bureau Clips – LIVESTREAM!!! 8-7-22

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20 thoughts on “Coin Bureau Clips – LIVESTREAM!!! 8-7-22”

  1. It is halal and sharia compliant. Do not worry. and Yes futures are haram, but bitcoin is actually very popular in Dubair for example! Lets go!!

  2. Stepn is exactly has you described, pyramid scheme, early people make money and late people buy high then the earnings drop and they lose alot of money.

  3. Great content as always, by far my favourite one stop shop for everything Crypto…
    I know you’re interested in the MetaVerse so am hoping one day you can cover a project called TCG WORLD and give us your thoughts…

  4. Anyone not using ALGO as a payment channel to move funds between exchanges etc is mad. Fees are tiny & normally < 2-3mins for funds to be available. Perhaps people are saying this because of the current uptake of Arabic character ENS domains over the last few weeks. Those things are being gobbled up quicker than a pack of Life Plentils Chips.

  5. not sure if you will see this Guy but if you are confused about BTC's status under Sharia Finance PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE listen to Saifedean Ammous' podcast episode 59 (also maybe check out 103 & 118 – I only just realised these exist so haven't listened myself) – also I highly recommend catch up with Harris Irfan (Saif interviews him in ep 59) – a UK based veteran of the Islamic Finance Industry who is also bitcoin maxi – I would love to see you do a podcast with him in the future

  6. Don’t lock 🔒 🇨🇦 yourself into a Fiat future’

    Talk of digital passports tied to your bank account, and world 🌍 events are reminders of the 🔑 importance of Bitcoin Łitecoin and crypto.

  7. Guy, I definitely think you should cover M2E as a sector. You definitely have to look at STEPN because it's the frontrunner right now, but I would also look into projects with M2E + P2E aspects like Genopets and passive M2E like Sweatcoins, as well as a "STEPN clone" called CALO Run. The concept is really good as it promotes a healthy lifestyle, but I'd like to see your take on the whole sector and how you believe some of the flaws could be fixed.


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