CRAZIEST Crypto Hearing EVER! Here’s What Went Down!!

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Charles Update From Washington May 2022 👉
Responsible Financial Innovation Act Explained 👉
How Crypto Transactions Are Tracked 👉
Most Recent Cardano Updates 👉
Gary Gensler Testimony Summary 👉
Cryptocurrency Decentralization Scale 👉
FATF Cryptocurrency Recommendations 👉
Cryptocurrency And ESG 👉
Cryptocurrency vs. CBDC 👉
SEC Cryptocurrency History 👉


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► Full Crypto Hearing:
► Crypto Hearing Witness List:
► Digital Asset Act:
► Responsible Innovation Act:


0:00 Intro
1:46 About The Hearing
5:26 Opening Statements
10:31 Questions About CFTC, Crypto Categories
15:12 Anti-Crypto Congressman
18:46 CBDCs, ESG, Regulation
21:14 What does it imply for crypto?
23:49 Outro


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31 thoughts on “CRAZIEST Crypto Hearing EVER! Here’s What Went Down!!”

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  2. Guy – Have you heard about any change coming on the fact that U.S. residents can't trade crypto futures. This is not only unfair, it's suppressive. Nearly all the world can and we can't. Disgusting.

  3. It would seem the only problem we have with crypto is mainly coming from America, that can be attributed to the fact that the government are corrupt and they want money for nothing, but they can't over reach their own country look at countries like Australia who are all for crypto they are not putting any blockages in front of investors so how dare the American government try to manipulate something that is beyond their control they're not the rulers of this emerging industry, but they sure are trying to be.

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  5. All the institutions are corrupt AF but I this one would be better than the SEC truly the most worthless POSs out there and Gary the Weasel will be crying at night If he doesn't have control of crypto. I hate hearing officials talk about volatility as a big concern that's the reason Average people have chances at making decent money if they don't sell too quick. Turning it into stock market 2.0 will be terrible for us average ppl

  6. SCAM ALERT! Uphold sucks. I would highly recommend staying off this platform. I’ve been locked out of my account for days, zero help. I’ve done absolutely everything possible to unlock it, followed every direction and cannot access MY money. Guess it’s just gone! Stick with Coinbase, I’ve had zero problems with them!

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  8. Charles didn't say Cardano once…. and…. where are all the CEOs of blockchain fighting for the industry?..

  9. Hi! I would like to see an analysis about Air Gapped wallets… Software and hardware… Would be nice to hear your thoughts about them. Thanks!

  10. IOG is working with university of Edinburgh I think to create a decentralization index. Charles is helping all of cryptos to have a fair regulation.


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