Crypto Exchanges Face Massive Legal Trouble? w/ Attorney John Deaton

After asserting that it has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Protection on account of the current crypto market crash, cryptocurrency brokerage agency Voyager Digital (TSE: VOYG), which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, might now discover itself delisted from the change fully. Unfortunately, this implies dangerous information for patrons property. However, are comparable crypto exchanges going through potential false promoting lawsuits for there declarations of secure USD account insured by FDIC.

Guest: John Deaton, Managing Partner of The Deaton Law Firm
Congress writes the legal guidelines that regulators (just like the SEC) need to comply with. It has by no means been extra essential for digital asset holders within the U.S. to make themselves heard.
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~Crypto Exchanges Face Massive Legal Trouble? w/ Attorney John Deaton~
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35 thoughts on “Crypto Exchanges Face Massive Legal Trouble? w/ Attorney John Deaton”

  1. When they voided their agreement with the customer, they also voided our agreement with them. Hence arbitration would be voided.

  2. I have heard that a lot of exchanges are now facing various problems, but everything is calm on Bitfinex as it was before.

  3. You don’t believe this do you? They are trying everything to take down crypto, don’t make these people scare you, they want there ridiculous one digital currency to control everything, people stand up.

  4. Sh!tcoiners drowning in sh!t..
    Guys decentralized currencies on centralized platforms is simply dumb..
    Like all centralized platforms, they rehypothecate your funds and hold fractional reserves, yet not insured by government? Rekt!
    People learned some hard lessons. Bitcoin maxis chalking up another W

  5. Wow! Great video, thank you!!! Sounds like Voyager really did us dirty. They flat out lied to us and because they jumped into chapter 11 protection so fast, we don't have any legal recourse. Looks like if we're lucky, all we will get are virtually worthless tokens and shares that currently most people can't do anything with due to the the company and their tokens/shares getting delisted/suspended in so many places (Toronto Stock Exchange, US OTC market, many exchanges, etc.) I will NEVER trust Voyager or any company with ex-Voyager employees/management members working for them, they are the black mark of death to me.

  6. Hi I just bought some Eth and bitcoin and i held chain link I am up about 1000 dollars from the time they locked me out?? Are they still making money off of my investments??

  7. I need someone to show me how to buy Xrp, Casper, Xin Fin in Hawaii. Does anyone know how to do this and to put it in a cold wallet. Not sure if this is the right forum but I have to try. Hawaii has these dumb regulations where they think they need to protect us but it should be my right to lose my money. I know the risks but really want to get a position in these crypto. Does anyone have any advice?

  8. Did Alex from Celsius misrepresent the company? He lied the day before everyone's account being locked… Is that illegal?


  10. The industry will not move forward until the Whale People figure out how to rape the crypto system the same way they have the banking system.

  11. LOTS of "tubers" saying big numbers for XRP tokens, including Paul Barron, but where does this money come from?
    This is not like a company that makes shoes 👟 or a product that can increase revenue.
    How exactly does XRP go from .30 to $189.?…or $10,000.???

  12. Actually Celsius doesn't face any legal trouble at all from depositors. Their 4 page risk disclosure document absolves them of responsibility. Read it.

  13. so what about my accounts at brokerages? The executives pay themselves millions, blow themselves up, then they steal depositors money? That is how the law works?

    Should I get all my brokerage stocks listed in my name? The brokerages can just steal them at will?

    "FDIC insurance" is clearly a farce that does not exist. Companies say they have it, do not, then just drink champagne and eat caviar. No jail, nothing.

    This is not cryptos fault. Voyager is a traditional finance, highly regulated, stock exchange listed company, promising FDIC insurance for deposits for over a year now.

  14. when will stupid people…..hold themselves accountable for giving away their keys…….. ??? Class action = lawyers want to make 50%….greedy bastards protect no one.

  15. If XRP loses, does that mean all the investors from the USA lose all their XRP or it gets re-classified at a much lower value?

  16. If it can be proven that any of the founders lined their pockets whilst knowing the ship was sinking, then the corporate veil can be pierced.

  17. This just set crypto years back, it literally just lost millions of investors in this crypto winter that will never return.


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