Crypto has a problem…

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This video is an opinion and by no means needs to be construed as statements of reality. Scams, unhealthy enterprise alternatives, and faux gurus are subjective phrases that imply various things to totally different individuals. I feel somebody who guarantees $100K/month for an upfront price of $2K is a rip-off. Others would name it a Napoleon Hill pitch.


21 thoughts on “Crypto has a problem…”

  1. Can you do a complete basics of Crypto VIdeo?

    I know a fair amount, but it would be great to have a from the top to bottom

  2. Crypto is the problem, no need to look further. If it's a something-coin – it is automatically a con – no need to look further – skip all the dd.

  3. you didnt get to discuss to what makes a good project

    you make a lot of points of how bad things are and meme-talk about stuff to then complain that people keep investing in meme coins. wouldnt be suprised if you were a whale in a meme coin.

    this video has little to no substance what so ever. you don't progress in the point you're trying to make. its just HEADLINE, NEXT

  4. It IS a scam you think programmers can seriously code new magical money that everyone will use, everyone can use as a super volatilve growth stock, make everyone rich and the whole global economy will adopt?? Grow the fuck up

  5. I know chances are slim that you'll see this, but you dramatically underestimate just how great of a job you do at making learning all of this fun. You would save a lot of people their money if you made a video filled with the juicy details that you find boring in analyzing crypto. Your content is insanely digestible and I'm eating it up.

  6. <Today's podcast has some fantastic commentary. On a technical level, Bitcoin strayed dramatically from its long-term mean price average. The more it deviates to the downside, the more momentum it gains to the upside. In terms of price movement, bitcoin is printing extended lower shadows in the weekly chart, indicating the demand side of the market. Before meeting Eric Birger, I had a string of trading losses that I'd like not discuss. Thanks to his meticulous guidance, I've had a great experience employing his Signal techniques for my trades. His algorithms use a combination of indications to generate signals…..

  7. An very easy rule to remember, if It doesn't have a real income function that serves a basic economic function (AKA selling a service that saves time/effort to other person job, fulfill a basic human need (food, water, sex, need to be entertained, socializing) or has luxury aesthetic values beyond the economic value to some human group), There's a 99% to 100% chance the newer money to pay investors comes from later investors (AKA a ponzi) or Is just a scam.

  8. Didn't see the video yet(i will now) but i think the problem with crypto is that we need to track and hang to a rope every crypto miner in the world and cancel this entire cringe system with pure violence.

    I will know keep watching

  9. I understand what whales are, but can you explain how they can actually walk away with all the money? Don't they need everyone else to voluntarily buy?

  10. in India and China, celebs are expected to research any company they sponsor and are liable if the company doesn't deliver, this should be law around the world, people with social influence have too much power to make costly things seem definitive

  11. Dang I WISH influencers would stop advertising these bloody alt-coins, they are almost ALL terrible and, as someone that respects her opinions on so much it breaks my heart to see her advertising that junk…


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