Crypto Holders WATCH OUT!! THIS Is The Future THEY Want!!

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What The Central Banks Are Planning 👉
CBDCs vs. Cryptocurrencies 👉
BIS DeFi Regulation Requests 👉
FATF Cryptocurrency Recommendations 👉
Blockchain Analytics Companies 👉
Assets Backing Stablecoins 👉
Best Crypto Wallets 2022 👉
Bitcoin Lightning Network Explained 👉
BIS Financial System Trust Report 👉
Cryptos That Could Benefit From CBDCs 👉


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► All Central Bankers Meet at BIS:
► BIS 2018 Cryptocurrency Media Briefing:
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► BIS Future Monetary System Description
► BIS Future Monetary System Full Text


0:00 Intro
1:40 About The BIS
6:53 The Role Of Central Banks
8:32 The Monetary System
12:28 DeFi and Crypto Volatility
17:04 BIS Future of Finance
19:21 Wholesale and Retail CBDCs
24:17 Multi-CBDC Global Platform
26:37 Conclusion


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47 thoughts on “Crypto Holders WATCH OUT!! THIS Is The Future THEY Want!!”

  1. These big nation state sanctioned bankers just have to keep their role for the future they see, this is going to be rough as they will not give in by choice.

  2. They should be afraid. It won’t replace anything it’s about interoperability. These are just the interest of traditional finance to force centralization at any cost.

  3. Cbdc adoption is easy for them. Just let people buy groceries, fuel etc 10% cheaper with cbdc than with traditional fiat.

  4. XMR-Monero is king daddy king 👑 for 👑 and 👸 who value there freedom and wanna be in the exclusive community.

  5. I'm no expert here but don't CBDCs have the same volatility for end users as crypto if they can effectively be 'burned' at zero notice?


  7. 👆🏼👆🏼this man really does wonders, i knew nothing about cryptos but with him i got 1btc in a week

  8. Inspiring how he 👆👆👆 was able to changed my life, I got a referral and gave him a try. Now I'm earning more than I ever believed

  9. I have held the belief that Cryptocurrency was created by the central bank to test how a digital currency will work. Once the CBDC has created their digital currency – they will wipe everything away

  10. Ojx is a good, cost-friendly and sustainable Cryptocurrency blockchain that is built to speed up transactions with almost zero transaction fee. It's an open-source and fully decentralized digital currency that enables anyone to participate in.

  11. Cbdcs will catch on quicker than $hitcoin. I believe the future will be eth for the defi aspect and xrp to bridge everything

  12. I am happy there is a man with values, with 2 million followers, deciphering the dictator wanna-be charlatan scammers that have seized power of the central banks. Exposing the scam for millions to see.

  13. Start looking at utility tokens that are ISO 20022 compliant, they provide on/off ramps to CBDC's. Harvard released a study on two such tokens, XRP and XLM. Consider it.

  14. 26:04 Central banks: "crypto blockchains are risky and unstable"
    Also central banks: "our CBDCs are good because we test them on crypto blockchains" GTFO

  15. “GIVE me control of a nation's money supply, and I care not who makes its laws.” Mayer Amschel Rothschild, founder of the Rothschild banking dynasty.

  16. Beware the insidious Monsters. A mind that is deliberate & devoid of change is destined to watch time & understanding run away all that remains is a soul that turns to steel.

  17. We are living in the last age prophesied by John in Revelation 13. "The Beast also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of his name"

    Yep this plan has been building for years. Only thru Christ will we be saved but we must repent and place our faith in Jesus.

  18. Before this video I was wondering why ING Bank was moving to wholesale. Now I understand why after watching your video. Thanks a lot! I have connected this report with your WEF vlog and it seems Europe is competing with UK-US on developing a CBDC. Hence the BREXIT. And now it is 3 fighting each other EURO vs US-UK vs SILK-ROAD members.

  19. BTC is made be the world governments. It was implemented in the AI as a neocortex to bring the whole financial market in the open. Now they know it's a close system, like the tax system, so they will work on it. Do we really like to believe there was walking a mastermind named sathosi, who dares to compete with the government and the government allows it? People are not even allowed to collect rainwater because the tax authories will be at the door, but we do like to believe the fairy tall BTC? The governments could not bring it themselfs, so they made up a invisible man named sathosi, lol.


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