Crypto liquidity crisis a 'wake up call' for investors, says Block's Frank Chaparro

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48 thoughts on “Crypto liquidity crisis a 'wake up call' for investors, says Block's Frank Chaparro”

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  11. You have to be a flat-out moron to be buying-up crypto right now.
    All these websites freezing withdrawals, this is WITHOUT A DOUBT creating a false narrative in the relationship between buyers/sellers.
    I am HOPING against HOPE that BTC goes-up to 25k, because at that point, I'll risk my life savings shorting it. Aggressively. (Something like a 6 month put-option.)

  12. It's a wake up call only in the sence that I need to buy more while it's cheap. Got enough usdt to actually do this

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  16. And then the people that were victims of a Ponzi scheme realized they were victims of a Ponzi scheme. You are every middle-aged housewife with a garage full of LuLumon or Mary Kay

  17. Just look at the comments. Almost all scam stuff. How can people believe in something that has the stink of thievery all over it?

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  19. The crypto market faces so many
    Pump or dump, leading to so many losses of crypto from
    unprofessional or unwise investors.

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  22. "They misrepresented themselves" LMAO!

    It is fake coin, a Ponzi scheme and you think they will be honest??? ROFLOL!!!!

  23. everyone knew were the yield were coming from come on ,,, it was all a big ponzi their are no free lunches,,, stack btc and chill

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  28. What a disgusting space full of crooks and scam artists, like the conventional banking system but with zero regulation to keep the crooks and scam artists in check

    Buffett and Munger were right, as they usually are


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