Crypto News: Cardano, Bitcoin ETF, Cosmos, Voyager & MORE!!

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European Crypto Regulations 👉
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► Bitcoin’s Second Worst Quarter:
► Voyager Digital Freezes Withdrawals:
► Grayscale Sues SEC:
► Cardano Vasil Hard Fork:
► Cosmos Interchain Security:
► EU Passes MiCA Bill:


0:00 Intro
2:11 The Crash Continues
4:50 Another Withdrawal Pause
7:55 SEC Rejects Bitcoin ETF
10:51 Cardano Upgrade Imminent
13:10 Changes At Cosmos
16:37 Upcoming Crypto Regulations
19:26 Top Performing Cryptos
21:25 Outro


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44 thoughts on “Crypto News: Cardano, Bitcoin ETF, Cosmos, Voyager & MORE!!”

  1. I've been seeking some investment guidance and It seems like I am never able to identify trends, options always go against me, and I can't utilize scanners efficiently. I am looking for a simple, reproducible passive income strategy that supplements my income and will eventually replace my wage income. I will really use some advise please.

  2. I'm new to Crypto, I've tried it on my own but to no avail, how can one make profits in the market with minimum risk?

  3. Love celebrating American Independence Day with more news of un-elected officials controlling the buying power of my time and energy.

  4. I have GBP on Coinbase waiting to buy BTC. Is this safe or should I withdraw until the moment I am ready to buy?

  5. Is it reley inevital because it looks like the s e c on beharf of the banks and financial inst onions are deliberately blocking it Canadians can have one but not poor Americans tell me how again how the s e c are protecting

  6. Those constant video references are pretty annoying. It seems like your shows are built up just to promote your other videos. Couple references here and there are ok but you have too much.

  7. Nothing the US regulators have done so far has been good for crypto ecosystem why in the world would anyone think this will change? US is going down the drain and same minds and regulations are responsible. Yet we look at these idiots doing something good? Rofl yeah OK.

  8. You're so biased. ICP just concluded a hackathon with almost 4000 devs participating and 400+ projects competed and are now running on the internet computer.

  9. I'm wondering if the Coin Bureau will discuss the recent Pentagon report on Bitcoin's security problems. Is this something you are looking at?

  10. at this point the tech stocks have settled, and in part started to rebound. Now value stocks & commodities are selling off.. and there is some rotation into the growth. Withstanding any more horrible news this could be the bottom. However as you highlighted, the contagion due to unsecured loans or poor management in crypto space..well, who knows how far that will go.. infant industry..ufff.. there’ll be plenty of “told you so” to put up with 😒
    Crypto industry pissed on its own leg..dare I say 💩’d in own bed. Stinky ehstuff. I think it’s time to stop talking about coins going to the moon til the dust settles.

  11. Your videos recently have gone down in quality. Mainly because it's causing more panic and bank running. I might take a time off from these videos for a while. Thanks!

  12. Yep. ETH is broken! …
    LoL, the european union dosent have to protect me or the others. Criminals they just want to control the people, bastardos.

  13. Cardano testnet is slow and unbearable to use as a developer. To retest, I created a new Daedalus Testnet (Wallet) node today and it still has not synced fully after nearly 8 hours, still in "syncing mode". Not good.

  14. It is just completely absurd at this point for anyone to presume that any government agency in any country is reputable. Simply look at the current situation. Governments and their agencies should consider themselves fortunate they have yet to be replaced entirely, as most are eager to see an end of the criminal organizations.
    It is very clear that global control of its citizens is increasing in dramatic fashion. If governments create and are able to enforce, which I highly doubt the creation of national digital currencies it will with 100% certainty end all freedoms.
    Be careful, pay attention, be prepared to defend yourself.


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