Crypto News: Cardano, Twitter, AAVE, Regulation, Revolutions & MORE!

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Last Week’s Crypto Review 👉
Cardano Updates 👉
Elon Twitter Acquisition 👉
Polkadot Updates 👉
FATF Crypto Recommendations 👉
Coin Bureau Clips Livestream 👉
When Will The Bottom Be 👉
When Will The Bear Market End 👉


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► Cardano Developer Leaves For Algorand:
► Euro Slides Against USD:
► Shiba Inu Stablecoin:
► Elon Seeks Twitter Deal Exit:
► Treasury Department Crypto Framework:
► Sri Lanka Protests:


0:00 Intro
2:09 Cardano vs. Algorand
4:51 Dollar Dynamics
7:41 Decentralized Stablecoins
11:08 Elon Twitter Update
15:05 Calls For Crypto Regulation
17:52 Countries in Crisis
21:21 Top Performing Cryptos
24:42 Outro


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42 thoughts on “Crypto News: Cardano, Twitter, AAVE, Regulation, Revolutions & MORE!”

  1. can you please tell us about BSV coin. it seems they are the only one following the bitcoin whitepaper protocol.

  2. Cardano vs Algorand.

    $3 Million Lost in an Algorand-Based Decentralized Trading Platform "Tinyman" in January 2022. Tinyman suffered a smart contract exploit.

  3. Let's not forget that the biggest payouts in the markets don't come from great performances but rather it's great promotions. Stay invested, diversification for streams of incomes is very important.

  4. Rogers is lying to save their stock. Not 'maintenance'. Senior engineer was live on tv while it happened and he said himself had no clue how but everything pointed to a failure in one of the core system involved in transnational communications.

  5. Schönes Video bitte, der beste Weg, um mit dem Investieren zu beginnen. Kryptowährung Und was ist ein guter Gewinn? Ich habe selbst eine Weile recherchiert. Weiß aber immer noch nicht, wo ich anfangen soll

  6. I would kindly disagree that "it is nothing new" as there has never been so much money involved in a crypto scam crash [Celsius, UST] it's dumb money pumped into scams like UST, Celsius, Voyager etc. [not only dumb though] that caused this, alongside with scammers, people don't bother to do their research and therefore regulation is a natural step forward . Anywhere between 60-80% of crypto users need regulation, otherwise they could very likely lose their funds.

  7. Absolutely love your work. Watched 97% of all videos. Best news on my radar for past 18 months 🙏🏼 Thank you so much for your hard work. I'm looking forward to the next videos on Italy crisis and more!

  8. 14:53 – And eventually social media projects on holochain, where large amounts of data (pictures and even videos) will be storable on the hApps DHTs with data integrity guarantuees from the agents hApps sourcechains.

  9. As for stablecoins I always have a big reserves of Tether to spend when the bears come. I've never seen another stablecoin that might be better than this one though the market is huge

  10. It would be very helpful to do an analysis on Harmony ONE? Apparently all bridges are shut and there is a big disparity between 1USDT vs USDT vs ONE. Thanks.

  11. The ECB (European Central Bank) is relevant to the EUROZONE only, 19 out of 27 EU countries, which share a common currency, not the entire EU. Each of these 8 EU countries (Sweden, Denmark, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Croatia and Romania) have their own currency and are not subject to the ECB.

  12. Sir,this is new meme coin.its rising today.pls review ghost shark meme coin(ghoshark).should i invest,can it gave 100x?can this new coin be next shibainu

  13. The alphabet gangs are coming down so hard because it's in the bear market, right now. This is the best time to stop the poor from gaining financial stability from crypto before the release of the bull. This is simple common sense. Speak the truth, enlighten the dummies.

  14. The crypto creators don't need them anymore. The blockchain testing is near completion, so the crapto will soon be reduced to mere stamp collecting. The BlockCHAIN will then be used for seebeedeesees.

    Well done all those who helped the bankers with the testing.

    Buy buying and trading CrApto

  15. Solid video, good token selections but we gotta talk about $BLOCK token from Blockasset. Sports oriented token, licensed athlete NFTs on Solana and mad financial backing!

  16. The dollar is struggling. The only thing keeping my portfolio green is my $BLOCK token from Blockasset. Their staking allows me to earn at a rate of 30% APR

  17. Hi Guy…

    Why does Elon want to pull out of buying twitter? A: It was ALWAYS a distraction from the very beginning. Everything is a distraction in the mainstream media, they invent a new one every couple of weeks. Something to get the sheep distracted from the Denial of Sun operations (Geo-engineering) that is currently taking place across the UK (and further afield.) And has been for over 10 years now, but they've stepped it up to effectively take away our Summer. No Sun = No Life.

    Don't worry though, we will win. Law of Balance will kick in, eventually.

    p.s. In case you didn't know, Elon works for the Elite (Powers that be) – Hence the source of many distractions for the fluoridated masses. There will be more. Stand by.

  18. Coming from an early bitcoin investor I put it to you that why some people can’t make a living for themselves is because they negligent of the power investing holds in stabilizing a financial status. Mr pen Larry was my first and ever professional trader and I can confess that he’s the best to help you regain your financial freedom

  19. I wish the people would run on real banks and expose them just like they are doing ar crypto lendeing firms. Theyre even more levered

  20. So i'm in this project for a while now, it's called Blockasset.They are rolling out athlete social tokens and seem to have a focus on the UFC.They signed one of the hottest prospects Khamzat Chimaev and will be rolling out his NFT that acts as a ticket to that token's IDO.If you're into sports and crypto this is a pretty sick project, native token price ($BLOCK) is low as well with the war and stuff so good time to buy.I'm staking my BLOCK and my NFTs too btw, they give you more of their tokens ($BLOCK & $ASSET).If you have a full set like me you get 1 WL spot per full set of 5 (Ali, Rooney, Bisping etc) to all future athlete NFT drops.Dope project, highly recommend.


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