Crypto News: Market Meltdown, 3AC, Celsius, Job Cuts & MORE!!

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0:00 Intro
2:03 Crypto Market Collapse
4:37 Three Arrows To The Knee
7:28 Celsius Below Zero
10:47 Crypto Job Cuts
13:48 Euro Stablecoin
16:25 Panama Crypto Bill
18:08 Top Performing Cryptos
21:42 Outro


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33 thoughts on “Crypto News: Market Meltdown, 3AC, Celsius, Job Cuts & MORE!!”

  1. We work for years to have , $1million while some people I know put thousand of dollars in some meme coins and they are millionaires.

  2. Wonder if #Namjoon artworks wil become NFTs soon? They will surely be hit in the crypto world.. Yah! Will definitely start tradign some $RM tokens.. Make it real please!!!

  3. I think the cryptocurrency will not fall lower in price anymore, but still I started earning a stable and profitable Crypton cryptocurrency. Luckily it was not affected by collapse of cryptocurrency market.

  4. 🚨FYI if you don't have a paid plan on Trading view 🚨you can not use the VRVP indicator, but you can 💡use the drawing tool called "Fixed range volume profile"💡 Which can be found at the bottom of the 7th drawing tools menu on the left. Then select the time range start and end by clicking on the chart. Make sure to use a chart from an exchange with the most volume.

  5. Oh!… what’s going on… I noticed you seemed a bit sad and serious – didn’t realize you’d been sick…. Thought you were just very down by the state of the crypto market. IMHO we’ve known that cryptos we’re going back down (although couldn’t predict the exact cause), so I still see these times as buying opportunities (depending on the project of course).
    Thanks for the vid and you’re regular presence on “The Tube”. Get well soon.

  6. So much of IS20022.. suppose we're only half way in. (fux Celsius, thought Alex McMuncher, was different, just another banker I say)

    Terrahawks … lol ( who rem TV show 1980s )
    Terra… lol it was all in the name

    Expect the unexpected.. Zelda 🥴wound be a tyranny today pmsl.
    Funny hows there an increase in gender crisis..bug outta the woodwork.. wouldn't surprise me if it's all the expirements these feckwit Nazi & pharma have done , all the vax we've been subjected to over the last 100 years .. & of course ..all for our protection, $$ making Mf

    Oh yeah .. its conspiracy.. TV reality..lifes the illusion. Into the Metaverse we go .. ready player 7billion

    No I didn't have any Terra. Yes I used Celsius.. but had the sense to only put 10% .. 🚣‍♀️

  7. Get your crypto off the exchanges and put it on a ledger cold storage wallet. I sleep much better at night now. Not your keys, not your crypto.

  8. Just all the more reason central banks shouldn't exist….without them, the super rich can't regularly trash the markets in order to buy up the common folks' property and businesses on the cheap, tightening their already overwhelming stranglehold on the lives of all on the planet.

    At the same time, without these fluctuations in crypto we wouldn't see the "stress test" which shakes out projects with fatal flaws.

  9. The bow draws back to release the arrow into the sky’ …🏹 ….🌎

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, summertime rally will very very soon be in play ….. 🌬….🏖


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