Crypto, Oil and Danger Zones

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00:00 Introduction
00:28 The Story
01:00 Ethereum On Fire w Merge Data Sept 19
01:32 ETH up 33% in 4 Days
02:30 150M Liquidated – Shorts!
03:00 Nobody Shorting ETH in SEPT!
04:00 BTC July twenty ninth Option Action
04:51 SOL Target for September
05:44 50 Leaders See ADA at 60c by Year End
06:26 Finders Predict $6.54 ADA by 2030
07:00 Oil Remains Under $100
07:20 Oil Mean Reverting Sub $100
07:44 JP Morgan Predicted $380 Oil
08:05 JP Morgan Bitcoin Predictions Better
08:36 LAD Most Bullish on Crypto
09:30 90% – I’m Out
10:12 Global Contagion Ramping Up
11:20 Danger Zone List
12:29 Top Debt to GDP List
13:41 Fourth Industrial Revolution


26 thoughts on “Crypto, Oil and Danger Zones”

  1. Top stuff again. We say it all the time, but you are a gem. Thanks for all you do! We know the what the score will be 3-5 years to come!

  2. I vote 'no' on the new mic, unless the output can be turned up a bit. It seems like it pushes out weaker than your old mic.

  3. 👍James ,for the video
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    he's helping a lot of people make much profits in the cryto world

  4. Personally, I think people should venture into trading since the economic meltdown, having one stream of income is not really a good idea

  5. Hey James. Thanks as always. Anyway you could record at a higher volume? Even with all my audio settings maxed out I have trouble hearing you. Thanks for all your work.

  6. “IMF/ESG/Woke initiatives have helped spin countries into chaos?” Are you for real? Unbridled capitalism is a wrecking ball, and the forces that work to save it from itself casually get blamed? That level of ignorance is astoundingly ridiculous, and would be laughable if it wasn’t so dystopian.

  7. STOP using a USB microphone! Go get a Shure SM7B and a Tascam Mixcast 4. If you need help setting it up ping me 🙂

  8. Stop using a USB microphone! Go get a real microphone (a Shure SM7B would be good choice) and a small audio mixer with USB connect

  9. 10 days ago “let me tell you why they won’t raise 75 basis points” this video “ let me tell you why they can’t hike 100 basis points but 75 is guaranteed” love your content james and all the work you do but it would be helpful to tell you audience when you change your mind or contradict yourself from previous videos, best wishes and feel better.

  10. Hey James, hope you found out that the mic you were using in this video isn't very loud of effective. 🙁 Not sure what it is but maybe get advice from other youtubers?


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