Crypto Unlocking 20 Bomb & 4K Damage Badge (Apex Legends Season 12)

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JTolerance (me) unlocking crypto 20 bomb and 4k badge in apex legends season 12.

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27 thoughts on “Crypto Unlocking 20 Bomb & 4K Damage Badge (Apex Legends Season 12)”

  1. Can u give quick tips on crypto ult I can't ever use it for when I'm in the middle of a fight since it'll just make the fight harder for yourself and your team with the stun if u pop it right on top. I wanna use his ult aggressively since it's such a powerful ult rather than drone then take another 10s to 20s to the fight which is mosty likely they pop a cell already I wanna be there when the enemy squad is hit with the emp

  2. He's getting 20 kills as crypto with a weak team, that's how you know it's a bot lobby. I'd like to see him leave his drone out like that in a diamond lobby.

  3. He’s an okay player, bot lobby for sure. But I’m assuming that is on purpose to make it possible for him to make content. Low skill enemies with default skins and mostly early unlock legends. It’s obvious it’s a bot lobby, not to mention the full party of console players and what I assume is cross play disabled lobby. No hate, do what you need to in order to make your videos. Idc regardless, just explaining to the people who might not understand why this was so easy.

  4. he play so simple man, aim accuraccy but not like monsters (timmy, aceu), he has a good aim for a controller player, his movements are cool but again not like faide, i have EVERYTHING but i cant get a 20 bomb fucl


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