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“That seems dumb” stated everybody, at first.

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About Wealthsimple Crypto:
We’re Canada’s first regulated crypto buying and selling platform, making it secure and simple to purchase, promote, ship, and obtain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin and extra. Get began with as little as $1, in lower than 5 minutes.

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Song: Louis Armstrong “Basin Street Blues”


22 thoughts on “Early Adopters | Wealthsimple Crypto”

  1. It's a absolutely pathetic to compare useless block chain and the negative sum game crypto currencies to the invention of the wheel.

    It's embarrassing for Wealthsimple to try to profit from this Greater fool get rich quick scam.

  2. I fucking hate seeing this garbage. I literally watch less YouTube because of this ad playing all the time.

    You people, this bullshit will take your money and put it straight in the pockets of rich people while wrecking the planet. It infuriates me so much how its basically saying "if you don't get into this, you're one of the dumb ones who'll be left behind."

    No. Just, no. If something is that good, they don't spend money to advertise it in front of you.

  3. Fantastic ad, well done Wealthsimple. I don't use you for crypto, I do for Trade and Invest' much respect for how to do the latter two. And I love how you plug Crypto.

  4. This is so funny… and dangerous and irresponsible. But I’m still glad we live in a free enough society that it’s allowed to be played and I’m allowed to say it’s ****ed up!

  5. change is bad alright, you guys went from an actual banking app, to cryptobros. also cryptocurrency destroys the environment.


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