ETH Merge Date Announced: Is This THE END for Layer 2s like Polygon?

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30 thoughts on “ETH Merge Date Announced: Is This THE END for Layer 2s like Polygon?”

  1. Correction: The merge will not affect high Ethereum gas fees… therefore, it shouldn’t affect scaling solutions like matic.

  2. yeah, that totally hurts layer 2…..thats why optimism pumped 3 times as hard as eth yesterday. people, do not listen to these kind of influencers who told you to hodl luna whilst depeg.

  3. Matic is up almost 100% over the weekend .. so yes layer 2’s doing well.. ( only hope for coinbase ETH 2.0 stakers is that sept 19, 2022 merge happen. But another 1 year delay? Yikes .. Outrageous since many YouTubers recommended coinbase ETH 2.0 stake 18 months ago .. )

  4. ETH’s merge to POS will be easy pickings for BIG MONEY; i.e. easily captured as the next generation of fiat controlled currency.

    Game theory: POW is the only check on centralized control; always has been.

  5. When are you going to cover the only the blockchain that already scales? The real Bitcoin protocol on BSV makes all these attempts at L2 solutions look so ridiculous. They are all fumbling in the dark hoping to achieve what BSV is already doing.

  6. Blockchains with competing L1s and L2s seem like a broken model long-term. Any innovation that L2s come up with will eventually get incorporated into the L1 IMO.


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