Ethereum To OVERTAKE BITCOIN! (Inflation CRUSHING Crypto)

In this video, we are going to focus on the worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the highest altcoins. We’ll check out the cryptocurrency markets and the newest crypto information.

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7:15 Market Watch
13:19 Expert TA
31:55 TikTalks
42:40 $62K Liquidated
49:48 ETH PoS
58:36 V&V Update
1:00:19 3Arrows Found
1:02:42 Animoca’s 5.5B
1:09:32 XRP J. Hogan
1:15:13 Quick Hits/Q&A

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35 thoughts on “Ethereum To OVERTAKE BITCOIN! (Inflation CRUSHING Crypto)”

  1. That photo doesn’t show any “aliens” (PLEASE learn to pronounce it properly!), but it doesn’t show god either….

  2. Some people have really missed good opportunities in cryptocurrency, but Is not too late to invest in good projects. Like the $OJX coin.

  3. While many might say ETH is hands down the worst investment they've ever made. I think ETH could get back to a new ATH of around 5-6k by 2027. If it is still around in 2030 we might even see sky high prices of 9-10k, which would be phenomenal gains.

  4. Go learn something. Anything. ETH is a projected position from BTC. Try hard to learn what that means. Who knows? DoJ is smashing that wire fraud button. They may visit you.

  5. ethereum holding everyone hostage by fees, people still talking it up or saying its going to overtake BTC…fucking LOL

  6. It took years of loan making at artificially low interest rates to blow this economy up… To bad the banks got bailed out in 08… that bail out policy set a precedent for how this is playing out… had free money not been availible and paid for by the tax payers we wouldn't be where we are now. No easy solution exist… the hole has been dug and no ladder or lifelines are going to show up anytime soon.

  7. Please no more tik talks boys. We've already destroyed our lives enough with Facebook. Instagram, etc. Tik tok is a disgusting and empty platform.

  8. If 1 million people buy hold 14 QNT Crypto there will be nearly NO QNT to buy…

    Then the price has to go up, to get us to sell..

  9. Good to see someone calling out Ben about his leverage trading which worked when the market was predictable bullish. He crashed when it was not as predictable.

  10. @ben you are totally wrong on the patient office ruling. If I started a bitboys podcast you would try to shut me down. Stick to the little that you know my friend.

  11. Inflation is not crushing crypto. It was supposed to be an inflation hedge, remember??
    No more free funny money from corrupt lending platforms is taking crypto back where it came from.
    Where it belongs!

  12. Eth staking is garbage. More Eth hopium. After all of these centralized platforms fail who's going hand over their keys to earn staking? Lido???

  13. Miss out on BTC? Those who bought at 2017 are now at a loss 5 years later…when BTC drops 90% in every Bear market only stupid people think they're going to miss out.

  14. The sign of a good scammer. When the scammed thinks the scammer didn’t mean to do it and is a good guy. There’s no such fool as a fool who’s so stupid to think that even after it happened he’s in disbelief. Accept it Ben , your a fool who’s been targeted for his wide spread influence and been well and truly played. If you had any decency and humility, you would pay for your mistakes and own up to them.


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