In this video, we’ll talk about the value of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the highest altcoins. We’ll check out the cryptocurrency markets and the newest crypto information.

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5:00 Market Watch
16:08 Charts
23:00 Twitter Buzz
29:00 BTC Analysis
32:05 Voyager Update
37:03 China Funds
37:55 Elon Pulls Out
39:27 Crypto Bailouts
41:33 Saylor on Eth
44:33 XRPL Contracts
46:43 Quick Hits/Q&A

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39 thoughts on “ETHEREUM UNDER ATTACK! (Michael Saylor's BOLD CLAIM Could DESTROY ETH!)”

  1. Thank you for your story Ben. Entered crypto last year in September. Lost $55000. What you explained is exactly how I feel, am going to take your advise and not give up. Cheers from Australia 👍

  2. If 1 million people buy hold 14 QNT Crypto there will be nearly NO QNT to buy…

    Then the price has to go up, to get us to sell..

  3. As for solar Ben. I had it installed on my house for 0 down and now I pay 0 each month to the electric company. My lease payment is about a $100 a month. It's probably one of the best financial decisions I ever made is installing solar 💯💃😎

  4. Yeeeeeah, I'm gonna have to dissagree with the Russia is only attacking Ukraine because of oil statement. Ukraine imports like 90% of it's oil and most comes from Russia so why would Russia attack and take something from Ukraine that they dont really have? Really uneducated statement and actually kind of dangerous.

  5. so you think that a person that took a bunch of other peoples money and invested it into crypto is now some sort of crypto God come on dude Saylor is a POS. He also siad to take a loan out on your house and buy btc what a A$$

  6. Hey Ben , you mentioned a while ago you bought a million dollars of XRP & Hbar . Are you buying more ? Do you still have them

  7. ETHEREUM has been under attack for a long time, now it is safe to use only the Crypton cryptocurrency for earnings.

  8. why are you planning on giving up when thousands of people are making it from this telegram channel MAKE MONEY FROM HOME, well i was once in that shoe before i got recommended to the channel now i am financially stable and own a mechanic show now they make me achieved my goals in life and i can see my dreams coming true for me

  9. Ethereum is facing a hard time, though things would get back to normal, the new eth 2.0 still not released yet, gateio is doing a good job to provide a fresh gatechain protocol for everyone.

  10. Never forgot Ben said on one show most people won’t know we are in a bear market till we are already half way through it hurts

  11. 2 channels everyone should add to their repertoire;

    Gregory Mannarino
    Steven Van Metre

    Especially you guys bitboys! You'd love the material & help you understand the drivers of the debt markets.

  12. So I just heard on news radio in South Australia that 70% of out state power supply is now renewables (solar and wind). My 6500$ solar system is saving me about 500 a quarter. Apparently we do have the world's most expensive electricity though at around 40cents per kWh. Because of the power price, it pays alot to get solar

  13. I have a 6kw solar system in South Australia. It cost$ 6.5k Australian $. It is saving me about 500$ per quarter

  14. 😅🤣 Ben said that the bull run won’t come back until 2024. Some people put all their hope i. $hitcoin and not the utility like what XRP is doing or Ethereum

  15. Wow… IF YOU DON'T SEE that fossil fuels have been shitting on the planet after a little research than you just don't want to see it…

  16. Solar is a huge national security risk….china or iran could just block the sun out and you`re done!


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