FED Deploys The WORST CRYPTO Regulatory Ban YET

In your nightly crypto information wrap-up, we carry you the highest crypto tales. A Californian investor information a category motion lawsuit towards Solana, The Wall Street Journal places Gary Gensler on blast for “holding investors hostage” and the U.S Office of Government Ethics doubles down on double requirements.

The new ban from the Office of Government Ethics states that Officials who maintain Crypto won’t be allowed to work on Crypto insurance policies, which successfully locks out anybody who understands the area. This double customary is among the worst bans for the way forward for monetary coverage that the US has seen in years.

What We Discuss:
0:00 Intro
0:20 Solana Gets Sued
1:39 Market Watch with Frankie Candles
2:50 WSJ Calls Out Gensler
4:16 FED Crypto Ban

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36 thoughts on “FED Deploys The WORST CRYPTO Regulatory Ban YET”

  1. It’s only a realm… a physical realm… and when CERN opens a portal to hell, crypt will explode… and hell on earth, and people won’t know why they’re still here… and 100% WITHOUT A DOUTE it because they own crypto… you’re setting people up for failure…

    Ps… God doesn’t like crypto… 😬

  2. People say Meme coins are risky, well we can see all coins had been risky this year, starting with Terrs, celcius and mucho more.

  3. The government period shouldn’t be deciding what ppl do with there hard earned money and how they use as long as they stay within the rules….. They just don’t want to many ppl living next door to them cause that’s the nightmare they all have

  4. So why isn’t the SEC going after Luna, Celsius, and Voyager ? But yet they go after Ripple for complying and working with them from day one. This scumbag gensler needs to be indicted for this. It’s so transparent how shady the SEC is.

  5. What in the Good Moring America is this?

    Frankie " With this low pressure system coming over Ethereum, we might have a 50% chance of a candle wick going up"

    Why you all sound like CBS or some other News Station? This is Crypto…

  6. $OJX coin project committed to interesting ideas and implementation, I think everyone involved with Crypt should take part.

  7. the idiots are taking over. ben is so right ofc you should be allowed to trade crypto but not give any form of financial advice or speak publicly about results would be fair to prevent manipulation of the markets.

  8. The bow draws back to release the arrow into the sky’ …🏹 ….🌎

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, looks like a short squeeeze could soon be in play .. 🌬..🏄🏿‍♀️

    1st.Bitcoin 55% 2nd. Łitecoin 21% Percentage transactions on the world’s largest payment processor…🛍…🛒

  9. IT REALLY IS AMAZING what some of these people get away with doing and how little they actually care about people they are suppose to serve…Biden, Pelosi, Gensler, etc etc etc

  10. There are NO inherited problems within the corrupt as hell gov. It is the way that it is because that is the way they want it to be.

  11. The way America is going you're going to end up so far behind Europe in crypto adoption, usually, when America sees an emerging market growing they capitalise on it, now it seems in this instance the powers that be want to stifle that capitalisation.

  12. Now the Treasury can not own dollars because they are involved in U.S. monetary policy???????? What a joke these politicians are


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