Fortune Favours the Brave |

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We are a neighborhood constructing the way forward for the web: Web3

Powered by cryptocurrency,
Web3 will likely be extra honest and equitable,
owned by the builders, creators and customers.


It’s an audacious objective.
For years we’ve been advised it’s not possible.

Undeterred, we embrace the second and commit.
We construct daily, block by block, to offer everybody management
over their cash, information and id.

The journey will likely be lengthy and arduous.
But we are going to all look again at this second the manner Matt seems to be at Mars
and know “it was all worth it”.

You too will be a part of this journey, as we speak.
Download the app, be part of the neighborhood, assist construct the future.

And when unsure, calm your thoughts and metal your nerves with 4 easy phrases whispered by the intrepid since the time of the Romans.

Fortune Favours the Brave.

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39 thoughts on “Fortune Favours the Brave |”

  1. Fortune favours the people who make careful investments in heavily regulated products that have a long track history and benefit from extensive consumer protection.

  2. The world is better without crypto and all blockchain technology. It was obvious from the start, and the only people who didn't see it were the gullible frat bros fronting as nerds.

  3. For the longest time I was thinking about investing in crypto. Then I saw this commercial and said, "Nah, I'm good." So Matt actually saved me money. Thanks!

  4. They don't steel their nerves. They steal your money.

    These scams are getting more brazen – or should I say "brave"?


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