Have You READ THIS!? Crypto & Web3 Still Has POTENTIAL!!

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► Chainalysis State of Web3 Report Full Text:


0:00 Intro
1:33 About The Report
3:49 The Future Of Crypto
6:17 Bitcoin, Ethereum, Algorand
10:16 Solana And Others
13:02 Digital Identity
14:23 DeFi
16:45 Lending And Staking
19:02 DAOs
22:26 NFTs
25:05 Metaverse And Blockchain Gaming
28:06 Safety And Compliance
30:22 Financial Risk
33:16 Terra Collapse Analysis
37:04 Conclusion


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32 thoughts on “Have You READ THIS!? Crypto & Web3 Still Has POTENTIAL!!”

  1. As someone in Sol NFTs, Portals is definitely not virtual land that costs 7 usd ;'D The lowest tier is 1000$ usd and that is down a lot.. There are also a lot of other metaverses on sol. There is definitely a bias from the authors.

  2. Judging from the graph (transaction totals vs value received) at about 6 minutes, the vast bulk of use is investment and speculation in tokens, nfts, and farming etc.

    This suggests that crypto is still mostly about bootstrapping itself up by getting people to speculate in crypto. However, this is building infrastructure and domain-relevant coding skills, and is allowing exploration towards more diverse and real world functional uses.

    Hopefully, the next cycle expands use cases. Although, realising cost-benefit advantages over current practices will have to be the driver.

  3. Bitcoin is a proven concept while alt coins and web 3 is not … its going to take a long time before it takes off… they need to get rid of all the scam coins and exchanges first which is like 90% of them now

  4. Why would take this report so seriously and make a video on it when you yourself point out the million mistakes in the report?

  5. "terra moved UST from 3pool in preparation for 4pool" – why is this fact so completely ignored as being the #1 reason for making it so easy for the bad-actors to depeg UST… Terra didn't need to "prepare" for anything 🤬they did it on purpose and "preparing" is just a lame excuse.

  6. Thanks so much! I listen to everyone of yours except for occasionally a deep dive on a token that I’m not that interested in. But, out of all of videos, your reports, or reviews on these reports I think are the very best. I’m sure it takes a lot of time to go through as fine as you do

  7. Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, summertime rally will very very soon be in play ….. 🌬….🚴🏾‍♂️….🚴‍♀️…

    Łitecoin 2023 mining reward halving closer every second…..⏳

  8. The EIP1559 scam was never to lower fees. It was always about stealing fees from the miners in effort to offset the inflation being caused by their mistake of launching a live Beacon chain way way too early. I believe it was about a quarter million ETH not being counted in the official market cap figures at the time EIP1559 was forced thru. Currently there is (estimated because I can't find the exact amount but can find their issuance target) around 1 million ETH in rewards on the beacon chain. Coincidently, the amount of burn introduced in 1559 exactly offset the approximately 1600 ETH per day based on the fees at the time it was proposed. 1559 was always about rug pulling the working class for the wealth class to be able to earn more. Though I suppose that's always been Ethereum from the start with is pre-sale, proof of stake transition goals and multiple unplanned issuance reductions.
    Fair launch proof of work or GTFO.

  9. Only one very very small mention to Cardano, in 8th place in market cap… How can the authors missed this? Credible?


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