HIGHLY VALUED Bitcoin At INSANE Discount! (Altcoin Explosion!!)

In this video, we are going to talk about the worth of Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the highest altcoins. We’ll check out the cryptocurrency markets and the most recent crypto information.

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39 thoughts on “HIGHLY VALUED Bitcoin At INSANE Discount! (Altcoin Explosion!!)”

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  2. It's very hard to put together a bearish portfolio right now. So it's better to use the cryptocurrency that you are 100% sure about. I use Crypton mining it on very favorable terms in Utopia p2p ecosystem.

  3. how about people focus on real estate
    and all the racisms and discriminations
    keeping prices low by only selling to friends of friends
    and forcing big cities to go crazy expansive just so anyone can buy
    real estate is way way worse for 50+ years
    people are so unaware
    no problem renting but they wont let anyone just buy any property in any location
    research it expose it

  4. let them front run it
    how else will you have money chasing stocks
    would break the whole opportunity for people who know how to paly the game to make some money
    everyone can win stop whining

  5. im starting to think bitcoin will never break 100k
    eth is the money
    btc doesn't have that much going on for it .. just a speculative asset
    proof of work / environment / energy is going to be a bigger issue in 5 years

  6. if noobs are sensitive about how you talk
    they aren't ready to learn
    there is no sensitivity when you really want to learn something badly

  7. Feedback: it took 12 minutes to get to market watch. Too much chat at the start of the show

    Love it normally but gotta keep it moving

  8. So bored of having other presenters, we need Ben back! These guys just rip on XRP or don’t cover it properly, it’s such a significant case being caught for the entire crypto space.

  9. After certain moments, I treat altcoins with some caution, but for example, I did not reduce the amount of usdt that I invested in Solana every month.

  10. Your channel has been stuck at a subscriber count of 1.45M for months. That’s not normal. YouTube’s up to something (?).

  11. If only the government looks at crypto currency , they will understand it and see why it's good. It will strengthen the dollar. It is more secure than fiat. It will strengthen the financial system. Most importantly it will give individuals financial freedom. Crypto has no political party or government, but the more government looks at it the better. i rather invest my money now than keeping it in banks especially now the rate of inflation is increasing on a daily basis . :yt:

  12. @HULKINUPORTAL is growing. Even in poor crypto market conditions, the community is showing strength.

    Come join us and be initiated!

  13. These junkies and that black man in this channel predicted a 3-7k bitcoin was a certainty no wonder only 10k views they get with a 1.4 million subs! Do not listen to any thing these drug users say people

  14. I love how people are so determined that’s it’s going to 14k haha 😂 it’s definitely not dumping again like that but keep waiting

  15. Understand this guys I’m know future reader but I am 95% positive that the bottom is not in due to we will have a problem arise in the world that will cause the markets to crash. Maybe a scare of war or something like that then the bottom will be in roughly 7 to 12K just my opinion of course


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