48 thoughts on “HOW I EARNED 40 000 UC BY WINNING A 1v1 • UPGRADING MY M416 TO LEVEL 7 •”

  1. Wish indian streamers also support guys but the thing is that small you tubers in india are already spreading cheap gameplay buying from carding ! So yeah cool

  2. Qaseeem ajj pakistan camunti ne dill khush kr dya bc ankho me asonn agye jani love u arduzai and radio jani and babaop

  3. I am normal compi player of india lets play 1v1 wrapxflakeop no hate bro u are such a good player only for testing

  4. ||| I played From Season 2 And Have 8.29 KD But Still Getting Low Views 🥺💘💘🙄 || Need Support 🙄💘
    Remember my Name ,,.*one day I will raise* 🤙🔥..

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