How Will BITCOIN Close Dramatic Week?? (Coinbase & SEC Backlash!!)

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39 thoughts on “How Will BITCOIN Close Dramatic Week?? (Coinbase & SEC Backlash!!)”

  1. Saylor says everything is a security other than BTC. 95% of crypto are crap coins and run by corrupt people like Alex M. so we need the SEC and extensive regulation. 80% of the influencers are bag pumpers and shills and promoters of disinformation so we need Bitboy to call them out. We would not need so much regulation if we were self regulating. But few people in crypto have any integrity. Bitboy used to say Alex was one of his top 3 favorite leaders in crypto. So can Bitboy even be trusted? Perhaps all crypto needs to be deemed a security since it is sold like a stock on an exchange. That would get rid of the scammers and 95%+ crap coins and free up billions for BTC and ETH and top coins with utility. To me all the rants against regulation are by scammers who want to carry on their crimes without accountability.

  2. It’s so crazy to me that people have left crypto, it’s like a ghost town out here, but the opportunities are so damn good right now. Trading these moves is an absolute dream. Alt-coins are low as hell and ready to rip. I’m catching breakouts left and right

  3. Definitely love BitBoy and his stance against corruption by the so called “elites” 🔥🔥 thanks Ben, keep up the great work.

  4. No one’s getting a dime back because by the time they’re done with this the lawyers will eat up any of the rest of the money and they’re going to get paid first before anyone else

  5. Be great to do a full sit down with Simon Dixon, he is incredibly interesting and erudite on what is happening in Celsius. Love the channels!

  6. Listening to these two gain up on someone that cannot defend himself right now kind of makes me want to root for him.

  7. Ben WTF is wrong with you. You are shilling a Bitconnect 2.0… you should not be encouraged your young fans to that trash

  8. How will it close the week? Down if the market has any logic…wednesday Powell will announce more .5 or .75 rate hike and recession is already happening so…

  9. It is not yet known what will happen after Elon Musk sold his Bitcoins. I hope that nothing drastic, because in the long run I plan to make a profit from the usdt that I invested in Bitcoin.

  10. I have a great faith in Cryptocurrency !

    Last year, I have hodl Shiba INU and recceiving ROI x1000

    Now, I'm hodling Robo INU and hoping the same ROI

    They even have a greater potential because the ecosystem they are building might have great potential in the future !

  11. SingularityDAO is basically 2 unkown traders, with undisclosed background. There isn`t AI implemented. Its leaded by a CEO that is bachelor in Arts an not tech-related, which spend time with no important things, instead of fixing basic bugs on the front-end of the dapp, instead of provide transparency to the investors. CTO left before the lauch of the V1 of dynaset. Sdao team left investors locked in the dynasing without allowing them to withdraw their funds after it finished the lock period. The telegram group is very manipulated where people can`t raised questions without being banned or classified as FUD. There are some concerns about the team also dumping tokens in the market and manipulating the price. Add some delays to it and lack of engagement.

  12. Hey Ben, do you know what’s worse than being sent a load of paperwork by the team sorting out Celcius.
    Being ignored by you who got played and cost us soooo much money. You should look to pay what you owe before having a go at others.

  13. Ben lying about inside information again. Mr.X is back. Does Mr.X say that the SEC/XRP lawsuit is over in September?

  14. Love the Chanel but you guys gotta chill with these never ending streams. So much time wasted between the good info nobody has time for it

  15. bitboy sounds so disintersting in what he reads stuff we read ourself wheres the upgrade for your channel ? same old


  17. Great video, remember folks that Richard Heart called out Luna and Celsius. He warned about them collapsing almost a year ago and a few months back. So much people gave him shit for it.. HE WAS RIGHT. Why folks don't talk about that is beyond me..

    Like or hate the guy.. The guy is always RIGHT.


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