Is the Crypto Carnage Behind Us? πŸ€”πŸ”₯ Or Will July Send Us Crashing? 😱πŸ’₯ (#CryptoThisWeek!) πŸ—“

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β€œCRYPTO THIS WEEK!” πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ CRASH POTENTIAL? πŸ“

Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, right here πŸ‘‹ and I’m on a mission to enhance individuals’s lives by means of #crypto schooling. In this vital video we discover what key dates to be careful for this month and warnings from huge gamers in the area about the way forward for most crypto tasks. Let’s bounce in!

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43 thoughts on “Is the Crypto Carnage Behind Us? πŸ€”πŸ”₯ Or Will July Send Us Crashing? 😱πŸ’₯ (#CryptoThisWeek!) πŸ—“”

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    …click β€œRead More” πŸ‘‡ for more resources!! πŸ’₯

    Hello, fam! Crypto Casey, here πŸ‘‹ and I'm on a mission to improve people’s lives through crypto education. Let's jump in!

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  3. Hi Casey, thanks for all of the great content you provide. I know you've done videos about wallets, but I still have some questions and I can't find the answers anywhere online. Could you do a video explaining how you can use a second ledger device as a backup. As I understand it, you can "clone" two ledgers so that they hold the same private keys to the same crypto, so if one is lost you still have a backup. But, I can't find a guide to how to do this anywhere. Also, I'm confused about the extent to which private keys are exposed to the internet (and hackers) when you are using a software wallet. If the wallet is closed and the file with your private key is stored on your desktop (not on the cloud) could a hacker still access it? Thanks.

  4. could you please stop using scam techniques (clickbait titles, flashy thumbnails, emojis etc)?

    you may have valuable ideas, but they get immediately buried under the pile of junk which defeats the purpose of spreading the knowledge and contributes only to the cheap entertainment.

  5. Downside is still more likely than upside; however luckily it also means if you are patient you can invest in high quality projects like $AWC at a lower token value.

  6. I wish July was a little better than the previous months, but so far it's just as bad. And yet bear market might be a great opportunity for making future millionaires, so I will try my best to buy the most promising cryptos on bitfinex. Maybe it is (July) not as bad as I thought.

  7. Hellz yea! We more Ladies in crypto! The last 28 days on my crypto YouTube , the viewers were 100% Male haha .
    See my defi screen share tutorials Casey or anyone !

  8. Video would have been even better if you specified where those JP Morgan executives went, specifically to Algorand et. al.

  9. Stop investing emotionally. Invest for a long haul. Invest because you know the thing you are investing in is amazing!

  10. I'm worried about my exchange. Webull. They don't lend but these are shaky times😏 I do think bitcoin could plunge to $13k on news of war or other seriously bad news. I'm personally concerned about China/Taiwan and American NATO obligations. I remain committed but…😬 They messing with my money! Thanks for sensible news. Your promos are ambitious but surprisingly unobtrusive.πŸ‘ŒπŸΎ

  11. I guess team will get big like avax and solona it can start growing so fast. it is better not to miss this opportunity

  12. For some time now, technical analysis and news report
    seems to be the major cause of loss in trading because
    it's often neglected. Mr Kevin is the
    difference, his technical analysis and economic
    calendar is second to none. You get the true value of
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    Honestly Mr Kevin changed my life.

  13. I would really like to believe that this turbulence is over but I think it will leave the market slowly. Anyway I already see a lot of green candles on the finex which seems to be a good sign

  14. Gotta get rid of all these trash coins… time for the industry to grow up, it has failed the test again…running out of chances.

  15. I guess team will get big like avax and solona it can start growing so fast. it is better not to miss this opportunity

  16. The more the market crashes, the luckier we all are. I absolutely love crypto crashes. Imagine how great it would be if the bear market lasted 5 years

  17. Because so much transpired in the stock market recently, I’m going to take a risk now and buy additional good stock in the next leg up

  18. Imo there’s a lot of downside left for most altcoins yet. I think Max Payne will be reached when (most) people are completely bored of the market, and aren’t even paying too much attention, as the hurt and long accumulation phase drops and drags beyond most people’s staying power. I for one, will still be here 😜


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