MASSIVE LEGAL TROUBLE WITH SEC! (Can Ripple Survive This Lawsuit??)

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43 thoughts on “MASSIVE LEGAL TROUBLE WITH SEC! (Can Ripple Survive This Lawsuit??)”

  1. Gensler is there to ensure crypto becomes the Segway into the CBDC’s. They know Bitcoin would be difficult to ban because it’s so decentralized. All the others have some centralized source so they will become easy targets for the SEC to control.

  2. guys I just checked the team of this project and found out that people working in ethereum founded this company. what do you think

  3. In Simplistic , Layman's Terms … if a Coin is Listed as a Security or an Utility… what will that mean for a simple Retail Investor like myself that only has a few $k on an Exchange like coinbase or ftx … what effects will it have ??? Its like the word Security is pure evil and will make that crypto not a good investment ???

  4. Can ripple survive? You are a fuking nob- Ripple has been growing at exponential % outside the USA> You fucking nit witz on this Clown Show know nothing more than Shilling and Babel. How you idiots have anyone following you is beyond me. And yes XRP will survive regardless of the SEC –

  5. Yir ther just change All the law if ther want. To get ut to fit for them selvf. Years after maby it coms up. But so meny lost All plus som do not right becuse of fear. We sot really begin to make a sociaty ben deezy really. Wee got money, lets put them to the test

  6. Remember Who wee ar, we r god we ar sweet we belive in god in god pricebols and respect others if ther respect you. Be like you want them to be to you.
    Fuck the system. I have the system. We hav the system.
    Who ar weee, weee ar freeeeee ArHuuuuu ArHuuuu ArHuuuu

  7. Its so sick that I made money in e. Them i sell lose som. By again it goes. Sell. And now I hav 6 eth in 1100 iam glad and lower to alittel.

  8. Hey My man. Smoke som more weed and drink vodka and use Gillette the orange one in the knife above. Its helps

  9. The SEC is trying to bring down not just Ripple but the entire cyrpto industry because the FED and banks cannot manipulate cyrpto easily. SEC is using a hammer instead of regulation to intimidate the cyrpto industry. We will not let big government take away the rights of people to be free from manipulation by large banks, financial institutions and corrupt government officials on the above said payroll. Just like the war in Ukraine, the government and private banks have declare war on we the people who are holders of crypto of the entire world. May all crypto citizens defend our rights and liberty to freedom to use cyrpto as currency. Just as the war in Ukraine, the cyrpto community is small but not weak. We need to mobilize and tell the government we the people want crypto clarity not heavy handed SEC gestapo style enforcement by a repressive government department that is suppose to protect the people.

  10. "Can Ripple Survive this"lol. The rest of the world is using Ripple already, the USA will just get stuck floundering around with sorry ass Ethereum/J.P. Morgan's shitty blockchain

  11. There's no crypto law in the United States. Whatever the SEC says or do they are lying. They don't have the power to regulate crypto. Its all FUD! KEEP BUYING AND HODL.

  12. Does anyone think LBRY credits can reach all time high again it’s 200x from its high 🤯 and literally nobody is talking about it

  13. Problem with something like Bitcoin handling an ETF for Congress is, it would probably outperform everything else on the market for them and we will still be in the same situation, lmao

  14. No way any member of congress or their spouses, should be allowed to buy stocks. If they really must make more money on top of the bribes the constantly take, there should be a Congressional etf controlled by a decentralized computer network

  15. That fool just said that the ripple/sec law suit is under reported 26:50

    What rock is he hiding 🙈 under?

    Heck let me on the show
    I know more crypto than he does

    Geeeeeezzzzzzzz lolololololol

  16. Tell me how a judge can make a ruling of LAW… About something there are NO LAWS that have been made yet to break?😲
    Time to WAKE UP people!

  17. Use your brain bitboy. Wtf do you mean by u don’t understand why sec is going after lbry!?
    Lbry is a YouTube competitor in which information can’t be controlled by politicians. And also governments protect big corp. cause they work hand in hand. For eg. we saw YouTube Facebook twitters mainstream media all banning people from freedom of speech


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