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NYT Mini Crossword Today Answer Release, test Thursday NYTimes Mini Crossword puzzles clues with answer record: The NY Times Mini Crossword is a puzzle that’s printed in newspapers, NYT Mini Crossword information web sites of the brand new york occasions, and in addition on cell purposes. Today puzzles have been created by Joel Fagliano. On this web page, we listed all NYT Mini Crossword solutions & clues (08/25/2022), all solved and unsolved clues with solutions answer archive and full directions about methods to play NYT Mini Crossword puzzles each day.

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NYT Mini Crossword Game Answers Today 2022

Today puzzles have been created by Joel Fagliano. Mini Crossword puzzles have earned their devoted followers all through these a long time, who solemnly dedicate their time to crack clear up the puzzle utilizing clues. So right here we include right solutions to all cross clues puzzles with a options record. We’ll each day replace this web page and publish latest options so don’t neglect to bookmark this web page by urgent CTRL + D. Below we talked about the highlights of NYTimes the Mini Crossword Game options archive record then, you’ll be able to test NYT Mini Crossword latest options:

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Game Name NYT Mini Crossword – The New york occasions
edited by Will Shortz
Created by Rich Proulx
NYT Mini Crossword reply standing Released
Date 08/25/22
Month August 2022
Day Thursday
Available on web site, newspaper, Android/ IOS App
NYT Mini Crossword internet official web site www.nytimes.com/crosswords/recreation/mini

*NY Times Mini Crossword clues with solutions added as we speak

NYT Mini Crossword as we speak reply (August 2022)

Here we talked about the all-word solutions Today. The clues are given beneath are within the order they appeared. This web page is up to date every day so don’t neglect to go to each day and test the right solutions of as we speak New york occasions Mini Crossword puzzles 2022. All the NYTimes Mini Crossword answer lists have been examined by our staff and are 100% right.


NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 25, 2022

  • Biden’s signature legislative achievement, for brief:    IRA
  • Tractor trailer, e.g.:    TRUCK
  • Major blood vessel:    AORTA
  • Slowpoke with a shell:    SNAIL
  • ___ Jenner, most-followed lady on Instagram:    KYLIE
  • Droll humor:    IRONY
  • Of the countryside:    RURAL
  • Intermission follower, maybe:    ACTII
  • To-do merchandise:    TASK
  • Healthy leafy vegetable:    KALE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 24, 2022

  • Reply to a celebration invitation:    RSVP
  • It might have a component within the center:    HAIR
  • In a sulky temper:    POUTY
  • ___ Trail (iconic South American hike):    INCA
  • Orange coat?:    PEEL
  • Major river of France:    RHONE
  • Lost within the ___ (bewildered, in slang):    SAUCE
  • Crucial:    VITAL
  • Use a crowbar:    PRY
  • Term for the spot on a domino or die:    PIP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 23, 2022

  • Ballot caster:    VOTER
  • Japanese for “picture character”:    EMOJI
  • Is actually, actually indignant:    RAGES
  • Shake ___ (burger chain):    SHACK
  • Toward dawn:    EAST
  • Section of lyrics:    VERSE
  • Nebraska metropolis:    OMAHA
  • Ancient Roman clothes:    TOGAS
  • Remove, as a DVD:    EJECT
  • Actuary’s evaluation:    RISK

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 22, 2022

  • Backpack or purse:    BAG
  • À la ___ (from the menu):    CARTE
  • Guacamole ingredient:    ONION
  • Make extra trendy, with “up”:    SNAZZ
  • Road paving materials:    TAR
  • Prickly patch:    BRIAR
  • Span of the alphabet:    ATOZ
  • Zoomers, by one other identify:    GENZ
  • Price:    COST
  • “Frozen” queen:    ANNA

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 21, 2022

  • Green dinosaur of Mario video games:    YOSHI
  • Pantomimed:    ACTED
  • Hot pepper:    CHILI
  • Word on a “My Name Is …” sticker:    HELLO
  • Reward for an excellent sit:    TREAT
  • Ritzy ship:    YACHT
  • Brownish-yellow shade:    OCHER
  • Turner at a subway entrance:    STILE
  • Very, in Northern California slang:    HELLA
  • Buffoon:    IDIOT

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 20, 2022

  • Polemology: the examine of ___:    WAR
  • Sinology: the examine of ___:    CHINA
  • Nickname for mother’s sister:    AUNTY
  • Dendrology: the examine of ___:    TREES
  • Ave. crossers:    STS
  • Oenology: the examine of ___:    WINES
  • Payment to start out a poker hand:    ANTE
  • Beams of sunshine:    RAYS
  • Felinology: the examine of ___:    CATS
  • Offended:    HURT

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 18, 2022

  • Pottery materials:    CLAY
  • Foggy psychological state:    HAZE
  • Kinda:    SORTA
  • Ginormous:    HUGE
  • High-ranking official, informally:    EXEC
  • Delicate pastry dough utilized in éclairs:    CHOUX
  • The “L” of XL:    LARGE
  • Like some Mexican pyramids:    AZTEC
  • Opposite of nay:    YEA
  • “Nevertheless, ___ persisted”:    SHE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 17, 2022

  • Cozy place for a cat:    LAP
  • With 7-Across, breezy summer season books:    BEACH
  • Increased:    UPPED
  • See 4-Across:    READS
  • Candy from a dispenser:    PEZ
  • South American capital whose identify means “the peace”:    LAPAZ
  • Scored completely on:    ACED
  • Major educational achievements, for brief:    PHDS
  • Rude dinner desk sound:    BURP
  • Fencing blade:    EPEE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 16, 2022

  • Mixologist’s creation:    DRINK
  • Spooky:    EERIE
  • “An extraordinary process whereby you become the person you always should have been,” per David Bowie:    AGING
  • Common thread between Santa, grocery customers and BuzzFeed:    LISTS
  • “Quiet!”:    SHH
  • Pass out playing cards:    DEAL
  • TV host Philbin:    REGIS
  • ___ setter (canine breed):    IRISH
  • First grade of highschool, usually:    NINTH
  • Beer containers:    KEGS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 15, 2022

  • High faculty dance:    PROM
  • Word with 4 vowels in line, appropriately:    QUEUE
  • Important consider a relationship:    TRUST
  • Takes a breather:    RESTS
  • Catches sight of:    SEES
  • Blended mush:    PUREE
  • Act in an eco-friendly approach:    REUSE
  • Kicks from energy:  OUSTS
  • N.L. East staff:    METS
  • Fourths: Abbr.:    QTRS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 14, 2022

  • With 8-Across, “Star Wars” weapon:    LIGHT
  • Arabic phrase for “god”:    ALLAH
  • Instagram add:    PHOTO
  • See 1-Across:    SABER
  • Opposite of WSW:    ENE
  • Brain fart:    LAPSE
  • Politician ___ Omar:    ILHAN
  • Boston newspaper:    GLOBE
  • Can’t stand:    HATE
  • Brother of Loki, in superhero films:    THOR

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 13, 2022

  • Personal house in an workplace:    DESK
  • German “thanks”:    DANKE
  • ___ Rogers, singer/songwriter with the 2022 hit album “Surrender:  MAGGIE
  • Get extraordinarily excited round a celeb, informally:    FANGIRL
  • ˆ or ´:    ACCENT
  • A query of place:    WHERE
  • Head shakes:    NODS
  • Game-clinching photographs, in basketball lingo:    DAGGERS
  • Something measured in horsepower:    ENGINE
  • Mini, midi or maxi:    SKIRT
  • Topple (over):    KEEL
  • Moved to music:    DANCED
  • Very masculine:    MACHO
  • Baby deer:    FAWN

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 12, 2022

  • Sandwich, ship or second-stringer:    SUB
  • Exercise that strengthens the core:    PLANK
  • Turn out to be:    ENDUP
  • “Where’s ___?” (kids’s e-book sequence):    WALDO
  • “That’s right”:    YEP
  • Gush forth:    SPEW
  • Bone within the arm:    ULNA
  • In the worst approach:    BADLY
  • Like the figures in most Greek statues:    NUDE
  • BTS’s style:    KPOP

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 11, 2022

  • Count Dracula’s masking:    CLOAK
  • Basketball capturing recreation:    HORSE
  • Iconic runner up the steps of the Philadelphia Museum of Art:    ROCKY
  • Hoppy beers, for brief:    IPAS
  • The “S” of GPS: Abbr.:    SYS
  • Connecticut senator Murphy:    CHRIS
  • Feeling somewhat foolish:    LOOPY
  • Killer whales:    ORCAS
  • Gives a “Jeopardy!” reply:    ASKS
  • Crucial:    KEY

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 10, 2022

  • Deep purple fruit:    PLUM
  • Noted scholar of Socrates:    PLATO
  • Fliers caught to the wall at a bar?:    DARTS
  • Lowish poker pair:    FIVES
  • Symbol on Israel’s flag:    STAR
  • Hair braid:    PLAIT
  • Caterpillar, for a butterfly:    LARVA
  • Complete and whole:    UTTER
  • Green forest mat:    MOSS
  • Common e mail attachments:    PDFS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 9, 2022

  • Celtic language that makes use of “w” as a vowel:    WELSH
  • ___ Island, fictional setting for “Jaws”:    AMITY
  • Symbol carved on a pole:    AMITY
  • Director Coen:    ETHAN
  • Smells actually dangerous:    REEKS
  • Marathon handout:    WATER
  • Visibly present one’s emotions:    EMOTE
  • Thin and swish:    LITHE
  • Entree typically paired with a cabernet sauvignon:    STEAK
  • Church songs:    HYMNS

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 8, 2022

  • Word earlier than energy or pretzel:    SOFT
  • Untainted:    PURE
  • Conductor’s stick:    BATON
  • Like many summer season espresso orders:    ICED
  • “Oh,” as in double oh seven:    ZERO
  • See 2-Down:    SPACE
  • With 1-Down, what the James Webb Telescope pictures:    OUTER
  • Fictional traveler to Mordor:    FRODO
  • Number of frames in bowling:    TEN
  • Industry, informally:    BIZ

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 7, 2022

  • Massage:    RUB
  • 2022 sci-fi horror movie by Jordan Peele:    NOPE
  • Highly toxic snake:    MAMBA
  • Home nation of Picasso and Dalí:    SPAIN
  • Teams (up on):    GANGS
  • Like the figures for whom July and August are named:    ROMAN
  • Winning by loads:    UPBIG
  • Source of protein for vegans:    BEANS
  • California wine valley:    NAPA
  • Where the Knicks play: Abbr.:    MSG

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 6, 2022

  • Prefix with brewery or biology:    MICRO
  • Off-script remarks:    ADLIBS
  • Colorful discover on the seaside:    SEAGLASS
  • Animal on Australia’s coat of arms:    KANGAROO
  • Many four-door vehicles:    SEDANS
  • Dog in an anagram of DOG IN?:    DINGO
  • Accessory delivered to an indoor occasion:    MASK
  • Notion:    IDEA
  • Family teams:    CLANS
  • Illegally determined forward of time:    RIGGED
  • Start of a Beatles title from the “White Album”:    OBLADI
  • Brand of plastic wrap:    SARAN
  • Part of an album:    SONG
  • Just kinda “meh”:

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 5, 2022

  • Stereotypical canine identify:    SPOT
  • Fuzzy fruit:    KIWI
  • Pro athlete in San Francisco or New York:    GIANT
  • It may need the heading “To Share”:    MENU
  • Rice or corn:    CROP
  • Winter carry rider:    SKIER
  • Instrument that may have over 10,000 elements:    PIANO
  • Confess (to):  OWNUP
  • Small songbird:    TIT
  • Automaker with Sierra pickup vans:    GMC

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 4, 2022

  • Huck’s rafting companion in “Huckleberry Finn”:
  • Big live performance venue:    ARENA
  • Looney Tunes pig:    PORKY
  • City attacked by Godzilla:    TOKYO
  • Setting of the solar:    SKY
  • Dried meat snack:    JERKY
  • Jet black:    INKY
  • B.L.T. condiment:    MAYO
  • Places for hire: Abbr.:    APTS
  • Corner chess piece:    ROOK

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 3, 2022

  • Poses, as a query:    ASKS
  • Pandemonium:    CHAOS
  • Childbirth assistant:    DOULA
  • Comic actor Robinson of “The Office” and “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”:    CRAIG
  • Ocean movement:    TIDE
  • Classic rock band with an “energetic” identify:    ACDC
  • YouTube video underneath 60 seconds:    SHORT
  • Hawaiian island the place a lot of “Jurassic Park” was filmed:    KAUAI
  • One of the states of matter:    SOLID
  • Wise:    SAGE

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 2, 2022

  • Cruise round Los Angeles:    TOM
  • Salad go-with:    SOUP
  • Feature of a pelican’s neck:    POUCH
  • “___ is life”:    SUCH
  • Sort of, as a suffix:    ISH
  • One of the 5 senses:    TOUCH
  • “That hurt!”:    OUCH
  • Fuel effectivity stat:    MPH
  • ___ vide (cooking approach):    SOUS
  • This Greek letter: ψ:    PSI

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- August 1, 2022

  • Animal image of Aries:    RAM
  • Animal image of Cancer:    CRAB
  • Misbehave:  ACTUP
  • Setting for Dante’s “Inferno”:    HELL
  • Sneaky:    SLY
  • Company that unveiled the primary black-and-white TV in 1939:    RCA
  • Part of the foot:    ARCH
  • Game-ending chess strikes:    MATES
  • Animal image of Taurus:    BULL
  • Toilet paper thickness:    PLY

NYT Mini Crossword puzzle- Answers- July 31, 2022

  • Luggage identifiers:    TAGS
  • R&B singer of “Confessions”:    USHER
  • Black card image:    SPADE
  • ___ Thompson, longest-tenured solid member on “S.N.L.”:    KENAN
  • iPod mannequin:    NANO
  • Feature of a mammoth or narwhal:    TUSK
  • White-barked tree with yellow fall leaves:    ASPEN
  • African nation with a black star on its flag:    GHANA
  • Car purchaser’s choice:    SEDAN
  • City close to Lake Tahoe:    RENO

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How to Play NY Times Mini Crossword recreation

The NYT Mini Crossword puzzles publish on Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday and Thursday on each nyt newspaper, NY Times web site and on the official android app without cost. Here you’ll be able to observe the entire instruction about methods to play the NYT Mini Crossword puzzle recreation (nytimes.com/video games)  on an online browser:

  • Open the official web site of NY occasions recreation i.e nytimes.com/video games in your browser.
  • Log in to your New York Times account.
  • Then beginning taking part in

A brand new NYTimes Mini Crossword will probably be obtainable every day!

Steps to Play NYT Mini Crossword recreation on Android/ IOS App:

  • To play the sport open The New York Times app in your Android or IOS gadget.
  • Navigate to the Play part.
  • Click The Mini Crossword recreation
  • Tap Play to start taking part in the puzzle.

Here is the instance of an NYT Mini Crossword that may give you an concept about this recreation:

NYTimes Mini Crossword (NYT) Updates

The NYTimes Mini Crossword new phrases puzzle replace time is 12:00 AM native time and every single day you’ll get the distinctive puzzle with clues to resolve and in addition play in your cell without cost. In quick “Solving Mini Crosswords eliminates worries. They make you a calmer and more focused person.”

NYTimes Mini Crossword about:

The Thursday, Thursday, Thursday, Thursday and Thursday Mini Crossword puzzles are additionally printed within the Arts part of the print version of The New York Times. The Thursday Mini Crossword puzzle is printed within the Thursday Magazine. For entry to the each day puzzle in print, buy a Home Delivery subscription or choose up a duplicate of the newspaper at your native newsstand.

Please confer with The New York Times Mini Crossword app for extra details about taking part in the puzzle on the iOS or Android app. For extra details about the New York Times Games subscription, please confer with New York Times Games Subscription. (supply: nytimes.com)


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