ROLLUP: Voyager Bankrupt | Solana Phone | Facebook NFTs | Reddit NFTs | EU Crypto Regulation

First Week of July, 2022

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Topics Covered:

0:00 Intro

6:50 Macro Sentiments

8:35 Dollar Go Up

10:35 Oil Go Down

12:38 USDC Gains on Tether

17:20 ENS June Numbers

21:30 Voyager Goes Bust

24:00 What Happened?

25:30 The 3ac Plunge

31:20 Three Arrows Capital Bankruptcy

34:20 Three Arrows NFTs

37:05 Nexo Eating Vauld

39:00 FTX Acquires BlockFi

42:40 Celsius WBTC Vault

47:00 Sepolia Merge

50:00 Facebook NFTs

52:07 Solana Phone

54:20 Polygon Phone

56:24 Immutable Off-Ramp

58:00 Reddit NFT Marketplace

59:45 Moonbirds Go Up

1:00:45 Axie Hack Story

1:02:30 Uprise Big Oof

1:04:54 Crypto EU Deal

1:07:00 Aztec Connect

1:08:40 Bankers Going Bankless

1:09:00 Jobs

1:11:00 Questions from the Nation
Post-Merge Fees

1:14:20 Data Sharding

1:16:25 TAKES
1:16:40 Leighton Celsius Take

1:18:40 Ruled by Adults

1:19:52 No New Narratives

1:21:47 Bear Market Advice

1:22:10 What David’s Bullish On
1:24:20 What Ryan’s Bullish On

1:27:20 MEME of the Week

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21 thoughts on “ROLLUP: Voyager Bankrupt | Solana Phone | Facebook NFTs | Reddit NFTs | EU Crypto Regulation”

  1. My account was hacked two months ago and i was very worried, I tried to retrieve it, but i couldn't, thanks to coderfamous for retrieving my account..

  2. From a startup perspective, getting into hardware has been extremely difficult for decades. There is a huge first mover advantage because startup costs are very high and future profits are distant. On top of that, there are high recurring costs. This is all in contrast to software startups, where startup costs and minimal, future profits can be very soon, and there are very few recurring costs (software is infinitely reproducible for free).
    TLDR: Ryan&David are right about their solana vs polygon phone take

  3. Man I had my stuff trapped on Celsius so I moved what I had on other exchanges into cold storage. 3 days later Voyager announced they were ceasing withdraws and deposits.
    I don’t know what will happen with either but it hurt watching Celsius take my stuff but what a blessing to get other crypto off voyager

  4. Guys, this is a really uninformed, bad take. You don’t mention the Solana mobile stack which is the actual point of all this, not the phone. The hardware is to get around manufacturer constraints not to compete with Apple. The device is not that important. Mobile is the gateway to on boarding the next billion users and the mobile stack helps make crypto seamless, with the ability to run dapps directly. You guys need to do more research, this is weak and shallow.

  5. You guys are 100% missing the point on the phone, and your bias is readily apparent. The phone itself is just so people don't have to wait for some other phone manufacturer to adopt SMS (Solana Mobile Stack). They got into the hardware game so they don't have to spend a long time trying to appeal to other phone manufacturers and convince them to use the OS they're developing. SMS is simply a suite of decentralized applications that users can use on mobile (right now most ETH and SOL users use laptops), but there is a huge market opportunity in mobile. Where does a user find these decentralized applications? They will find them on a 100% open marketplace (not just Solana apps btw…) that takes 0% fees (as opposed to the outrageous fees collected by the Apple and Google marketplaces). Honestly, as a long-time listener, I'm extremely disappointed that your maximalism has gone this far. Do more research. And saying that blockchain phones have been tried and they never work is literally the worst reason I've ever heard to not try to release a blockchain phone. P.S. The lead creator of the Saga phone was formerly the creator of the Ipad… Feel free to contact me @permaweave.eth/sol on Twitter if you have any questions.

  6. Do not go involved with Cryptocurrencies if you do not understand the market properly. A lot of Crypto Influencers are refusing to share the real secrets to success in the Crypto Market. BTC is the future of cryptocurrencies and the questions traders ask themselves now is if there is a right time to join or if it is already too late to join? Joining too earlyand trading on my own i made so much losses till i learned A Pro. It's never too late to get involved but before jumping into conclusion i think you should understand the market first. Lately the price of BTC has been fluctuating which means the market is currently unstable and you cant tell if it is going bearish or bullish next. And some Other traders refused to rely on selling for quick return, while some are were patient. It all depends on the position you hodl in the market and the time you got into the market. it all depends on the pattern with which you trade and also the source of your signals. i would say trad!ng has been going pretty well for me lately after accumulating over 4.15 BTC in two weeks, with the trad!ng stratergy given to me by a professional trader Josh Altman. His methods are really top notch and very profitable and he can be contacted for trade mentorship easily on Tel= gram @ JoshAltmanTrades.

  7. 56:05 HTC was a major player in smartphone industry 10 years ago. They still make some android phones but they are objectively worse than 95% of the market in a set price category (the hardware is the same as in Xiaomi or samsung, HTC is just more expensive). Including preinstalled apps is common practice on android phones, it's nearly always something you don't want to have on your phone. It's just bloatware. If you want something, you can download it in two minutes, so it's not really saving time having it preinstalled.

  8. Did you guys do any research on the Solana Mobile Stack or watch Anatoly’s presentation on the phone? Doesn’t sound like you have a clear understanding of the value prop.

  9. No way… The company that gave anyone that made an account with them $100 of free BTC went bankrupt? Who saw that one coming??


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