Solo Bronze to Masters Using Crypto Only!

Despite his low choose price, we’re gonna make Crypto meta! 😅

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In this Apex Legends gameplay, Devi performs Crypto from Bronze to Masters rank. First, he lands along with his group and loots up. Later on, he fights a number of groups to get to the ultimate circle. Towards the tip, he makes a play that would value him the sport. Watch until the tip to discover out what occurs!

We highlighted this Apex Legends video from gameplay that aired on-stream. If you need to be a part of the motion dwell, observe on Twitch👉

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39 thoughts on “Solo Bronze to Masters Using Crypto Only!”

  1. Hi devi. 🙂 i have a question to u. i play apex to but i only got dia, can u help me what i can do that i can go to master ? have u some tips ? <3

  2. It is so refreshing to watch someone slay with Crypto while actually using his abilities. Most pros I’ve seen literally only use the drone for EMP, Respect Brother!

  3. Lmaooo " im throwing drone"

    ** Goes into already thrown drone***

    "Oh, oh sh*t. "

    Yup. Thats me playing crypto all day!

  4. Thank you I really needed a video that gave me pointers for Crypto (and that basically tells me I need to work on my gun skill)

  5. Fam stop being trash recall after every throw but crypto is the best imo biased idec in terms of Versatility crypto is the 1 his drone is great but has flaws 2 scanning is a great 30 m scan 3 pick up banners hack doors open crates care packages and a survey beacon final respawn a teammate from a whooping listen 200 m he can be countered like everyone else but he the can't change my mind

  6. Ima be blatantly honest I can actually tell your not hacking 🥹 so nice to see that even with that amazing muaw 😘 aim. You still miss shots and your thinkin process of crackin the shields with the drone just so you know exactly where they are is not walls 😮‍💨 its game sense and its so cool to watch i play on mobile wit a controller bc i dont have a ps4 so it’s literally the only way i can play 😭 so pls dont hate 💞💞💞 new to the channel def gotta be a loyal subscriber now


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