The Coming Collapse of All Crypto.

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41 thoughts on “The Coming Collapse of All Crypto.”

  1. man I wish you would only put fire and insane titles on videos that actually warranted any attention. I just dont click on your notifications anymore since every video looks like the world is going to end. This is actually important stuff and if I had watched it before the shit hit the fan I wouldnt have $5,000 worth of stablecoins on a spreadsheet that some bankruptcy lawyer is looking at

  2. Hello what's the best way to get started with bitcoin investment cos l've been making my personal research for a while now?

  3. Kevin, We need an overview on Paxos. They got a good gold treasury and claim to be the most bank run worthy of the stable coins. PAXG & USDP overview plz!!! 😉

  4. I would argue the opposite with part #1, it would be much worse for the network if the stakers/validators had their tokens unlocked at a high price than their investment. Meet a Validator, I know a 3m engineer that got in at less than $500 and has 100x Eth, he wouldn't sell that 3k because that's his retirement and trusts the development.

  5. Just realised how afeminate you are, also ill never understand why you think owning every family home you can is not morally reprehensible. Hay ho.

  6. The next #Tribalpunk box sale is on June 28 and I am sure this time I will buy more boxes than the previous ones because this time the number of Common and Elite boxes has increased sharply.c

  7. Youre officially the new Jim cramer I hate myself for buying your stupid fucking courses. You're a phoney bitch

  8. Wait… They Don't have a money printer? Weren't you their money printer not that long ago helping direct massive amounts of foot traffic to their door allowing them to do a fantastic round of funding?

  9. Eth 2.0 is no longer called 2.0
    It will likely keep getting delayed until the current crypto crisis is over. If they transitioned now, too many would purge holdings and crash the price making the transition look bad. They will delay until there is optimism again… So… Fall? Winter? I dunno. If they transitioned now though, oh boy, it would be rough.


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