The Crypto Recession Just Began | How To Survive & WIN Now

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Video Outline:
0:00 Intro
0:38 Market Update
4:07 What It Means For You
6:03 What to do NOW
9:15 Strategies to Use within the Bear Market
12:59 Final Thoughts
15:35 FTX.US
16:27 Outro

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26 thoughts on “The Crypto Recession Just Began | How To Survive & WIN Now”

  1. Brian so i redeemed my terra usd today from binance . still redeeming , i want to ask : I have lost the money already right ?

  2. I follow you for a few months and you are the most consistent YouTuber must reliable persoon on crypto here you never leave your community hanging. Always when I afraid you are right there to bring calmness and clearity and strategy. You are AMAZING forever a fan

  3. when theres blood on the streets i eat ive been saving all year for this moment im going to hold off tho untill things drop a little more

  4. I also think it's important to have an emergency savings account so you're not concerned about losing money in the markets.

  5. Be grateful you can buy at these prices. We will see all time highs next bullrun. See you guys at the millionaires club 😎


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