THE END OF CRYPTO? 🤯 #shorts

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34 thoughts on “THE END OF CRYPTO? 🤯 #shorts”

  1. Never seen a international war, afghanistan, syria, somalia, yemen etc? Oh my bad, of course you are only human when you are white, only then your life matters.

  2. Guys, never buy crypto or trust crypto. Try shares or stocks or whatever but not crypto. Crypto values are already set at a value and do not have a proper margin for gain or loss, its just probability but same is not with stocks.

  3. Nothing says "I'm super successful in life and want to help others" like showing a paid promotion to take advantage of people who don't know much about finance, which is his target audience, based on his videos…

  4. Its more stable gambling your money at a casino vs. Buying crypto, the only thing that holds crypto as a investment is people who thinks it does.

  5. Can rich people stop making videos to try and convince people to hold their shares. Just sell it. So it can go to zero.

  6. Bitcoin is fake money. What if USA ever recover, power grid goes down, other countries make it illegal or what happens if dollar become useless. I'm trying to say there to many things to consider and all your money digital. How will you spend it?

  7. People claiming a "cyclical nature" to Bitcoin really took the blue pill.

    'Ill get my money back… I know it! I just have to wait another four years for it to be over hyped again! No way that the current 5 year trend matches every other short term crypto that ultimately flared and failed.'


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