The End Of Crypto Begins Today

Voyager Digital has simply filed for chapter safety becoming a member of Terra Luna, Celcius and different crypto exchanges collapsing in latest weeks.

As the worth of Bitcoin has dived to $19,000, there’s a important risk to the crypto ecosystem constructed on prime of guarantees of extreme returns and a market of extremely speculative hype-based valuations.

Voyager Digital’s instance can also be attention-grabbing as a result of it has highlighted how FDIC safety is just not fairly what folks thought and doesn’t hold your cash protected once you make a deposit.

The future for crypto is difficult as Bitcoin and the remainder of crypto goes by way of the primary financial downturn.





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42 thoughts on “The End Of Crypto Begins Today”

  1. Jesus christ Sasha you are such a m.oron I've been subscribed to you for months and you are absolutely clueless about crypto. Yes most crypto are scams, but a select few like bitcoin and ethereum have real intrinsic value, it's too bad you dont understand blockchain. Keep putting your head in the sand, crypto has come back from worse than this.

  2. Shill Network of YouTubers are just as guilty. Pumping all of these random platforms.and coins. But it's okay. Their subscribers already gave them their YouTube views, likes, and even money. They are still rich while many others lost their savings.

  3. How is crypto "better" than instant and free Venmo, Zelle, Paypal?. It's not, unless it's a transaction for something illegal. This doesn't benefit at all 95% or more people that don't care about doing illegal transactions with crypto. The only real use of crypto is to make a profit and when that's not possible anymore, crash in inevitable. Over 54% of Americans have a history of owning crypto so there are 46% of new potential investors left at best. Institutions won't pump the crypto in the future based on this conditions because there won't be anyone to dump on

  4. So… the Metropolitan Bank decided to explain the FDIC insurance after the collapse of the company? They deliberately lived off the misinformation, then hands off when the inevitable happens. Very sus. Classic, dubious corporate stealing.

  5. Great video Sasha and as always bringing some hard hitting truths to the masses!

    What’s happening just now with Bitcoin disproves many of the theories about 4 year cycles, hedges and stores of value.

    It’s looking like a 5 year break even spell for Bitcoin is impending, maybe even worse than that.

  6. Sasha, how do you think this affects KY customers, where they were sent a cease and desist? Does that order mean that KY funds couldn’t be used for these products?

    FWIW I think USD users will get their cash back.

    Bitcoin is a commodity.

  7. Good video, but honestly taking digs at others for your own gain and views is a poor show. As I said you're good at what you do, but if you need to make content at the expense of others then thats low. You lose some, you win some and thats the stock market for you.

    You should do a video posting your current progress in the market with the likes of tesla, fivver, pintrest etc and pit it up against kevin and jeremys , cause when push comes to shove, it's the financial gain that matter when it comes down to the stock market and not the moral 'high ground'.

    Its the ONLY reason you are in the market, and regardless of how great you believe a company is you wouldnt be investing in them if you didnt think they would make you money.

    So lets see the goods and start showing them

  8. I love watching these crypto scammers eat it. I just wish they didn't take honest people with them along the way.

  9. Some good points, but… to be fair, BTC is only doing as poorly as the entire tech sector, including several of the stocks you have been touting. Prices driven by pure speculation is not exclusive to crypto.

  10. I agree that crypto is dubious but your argumentation about all the people that will be down when the price falls more can be said about any security whatsoever. What needs to be analyzed is the potential of more people to buy the dip, which you hardly even touched on.

  11. Every financial goal requires patience, dedication and consistent spirit knowing that investment is currently the most lucrative business in the world, both NFT, real estate and Crypto shares are really positively changing people's lives.Bitcoin is the future investing in it now is the wisest thing to do now, Despite all the economic crisis this is the right time to start up an investment

  12. ok unsubscribing. This guy really has not added much value for the finance info, these days he's just engaging in drama. I dunno if he is a drama queen or doing for the views bc times are rough but there's a way to present info without being a dbag

  13. I've only stuck with BTC, ETH & ADA in crypto. However, only small percentage of my portfolio my eggs are spread out in different areas.

  14. Don't confuse buying the dip in a bear market, with guaranteed future returns. Just because that company is down 60%+ from ATH does NOT make it a sound long-term investment. Make sure you're investing great companies.

  15. Sasha, this was funny AF! Top marks for the humour, on top of the content!
    And who could ever see this coming, eh?… The recent redness in my old fashioned portfolio has never felt so comforting.

  16. I sold 90% of my crypto assets and bought TSLA at around $1200. So I still have more than half of my money. Invested in a company that hires the very best talent and has the most growth of any company in the history of the world. A good decision imo.

  17. I can't lie Sasha….I am a young investor 27, who's taking risk because I don't feel I have much in life anyway so if I don't risk what the point. But this video has made me reconsider my risk. I use blockfi and I'm considering withdrawing

  18. Lucky for me I don't take advise from Jeremy. That's because I cannot physically watch him because he is such an annoying knob


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