The New Crypto of Team i8 🥵🔥 || Masterpiece of Vehicle Sprays || IQ Joined Team I8 || PUBGM

Today’s Video is about new Young Talented Player who changed Crypto in Team i8, Lets Enjoy His Some Clutches and Beast Sprays’ Don’t Forget to love this Video and Must Subscribe his channel !

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28 thoughts on “The New Crypto of Team i8 🥵🔥 || Masterpiece of Vehicle Sprays || IQ Joined Team I8 || PUBGM”

  1. He is good but noone can ever replace crypto!!!! Cryto is kingmaker👑 !! Crypto ki kami i8 ko rahy gee!! Always!!

  2. Bhai tu bandy ko reaction jab deraha hota hai bhai kuch zyada hi bol rahy hoty ho ye adat thoti kam kro,
    Example deta hun🥲
    Arrey kya head mara level level areyy bhai.
    Ismy maza nahi ata bro decent reaction do istra ajeeb chutiya lagty ho

  3. Wesay to Crypto k level ka Pak mein koi player hai nahin lekin agar i8 mein Crypto ki jaga kisi ko ana chahiye tha to wo iq and Gravity say acha koi nahin ho sakta keun k ye top level players hain or abhi age mein bhi chotay hain to easy adjust kar saktay hain.Agar kisi puranay playrr ko add kartay to wo laazmi kisi na kisi baat par baad mein masla create karta.Best decision from Trynda❤.

  4. Those who are saying that crypto is unreplaceable remember one thing it's the team who make you star 🌟 and now in Sha Allah in the iGling of uzm IQ will become a star just like blade and ghoost just remember


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