The Wealth Transfer Just Started | How To Prepare

The wealth switch is beginning – here’s what’s taking place

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38 thoughts on “The Wealth Transfer Just Started | How To Prepare”

  1. Lol Andrei. You had a video stating the wealth transfer has begun so many times.

    Once from BTC to Cash. Now Cash to BTC. Then back again. People should stop listening to you

  2. it is practically because your government feeds you its propaganda about the american dream, tells you to pursue a career, and work a meaningless job for an average paycheck ending up stuck in the limbo of not being poor but not being middle class either, like a zombie…

  3. The most interesting part about mgox is Vinnik He was sentenced for five years in prison because of the hack and there’s a possible when he get out from jail he will be in possession of 800,000 coins BTC

  4. so, the millennials are quitting their jobs because stuff costs a lot of money? excellent plan, tide pods!

  5. AEX Global hands exclusive benefits for newbies: AEX financial newbies can enjoy 80% annualized income, the quota is limited, first come first served!

  6. Bitcoin has no real use case,

    So yes bitcoin can go as low as 8000

    From there another crypto currency will rise that will have a real use case and replace bitcoin

    I can be incorrect

    But we will see

  7. Everything reeks inflation in the economy……I don't know who, however a person desires to pay attention to this, you have to stop relying on the government and saving all of your money. Venture into making an investment in case you actually want monetary freedom

  8. So far I believe that many people are waiting for BTC to bottom out, but is there really such a day? When will this day come? Is it the end now? Still 12 or 15 or 20k, that's an unpredictable answer, and it's probably better for investors to wait and see and find a new way out now.

  9. Hey Andrei, your descriptions say's it all. Not like Kevin, Graham, or the worst Jeremy….Straight-up liar with video proof. Needed to unsubscribe to them all. I just really enjoy your channel and think you are different than your counterparts.

  10. Been watching your vids for a sometime now. thank you for your insights. for that I am subbing now. Keep it up mah fren

  11. Dude definitely can sell a turd. Lost millions in crypto and you guys are holding his hand right off the edge of a cliff. Abracadabra


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