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34 thoughts on “This Is IDIOTIC. DON’T BUY THIS CRYPTO!”

  1. I'm not new to crypto, but this also seems a little ridiculous to me. I haven't bought anything for a long time because I want to save as much USDT as possible until the next bear market but I definitely wouldn't buy cryptos that don't bring me anything in return.

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  3. The crypto market is facing a key moment right now, in a very short time it's gonna see a breakout to new record highs. This is a critical moment that every Investor needs to be aware of buying more With the current market trends, Investing in bitcoin now would be a very smart move to make as it's gonna skyrock soon….

  4. Please I need someone to help me trade or invest the forex or crypto market because I'm tired of trading in losses myself. I've blown my account twice and it's frustrating…

  5. It’s so crazy to me that people have left crypto, it’s like a ghost town out here, but the opportunities are so damn good right now. Trading these moves is an absolute dream. Alt-coins are low as hell and ready to rip. I’m catching breakouts left and right

  6. Sam shame that you have so many spammers on your account, smth should be done. If you’ll ever do a vid on stablecoins. Have a look a STIMA it’s a new value coin backed by real world assets. It’s effectively and inflation hedge…

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  8. The <volatility of bitcoin and other leading cryptocurrencies makes any kind of price prediction notoriously difficult. Price fall means analysts remain divided over whether we are stuck in this bear market or is just suffering a brief correction on the road to more record highs. People who bought early 2019 are still profiting and they also earn by trading. So choosing the right strategy is very important when diving into Crypto, in other words it is important to have a plan! There has been a lot of interest in bitcoin trading. Trading is a lucrative opportunity as it leverages the market volatility, I have been able to make 20 BTC in just 3 weeks of trading all thanks to exclusive signals from Richard Harrison, a renowned trader that is always one step ahead.

  9. <<Great video, Am new to Cryptocurrency trade and Ive been making huge losses but recently I see a lot of people earning from it. please can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?🙏>>

  10. I still think now is a bad time to buy. The Macro world economy looks like it's going to be getting a lot worse. I think we have a lot more down side and a minimum of 3-6 months before it will be a good time to buy. That being said I still DCA small amounts of money in.

  11. I< remember when I just got into crypto back in 2017 but later in 2018 I ended up selling it because I was dumb and I didn't understand it. I studied and learned and now I know how it works. Got back into crypto early in 2021 and looks like we have the same mentality, I admit that seeing a -50% hurts but it's not a realized loss until you sell. Now I buy and just trade and I'm super picky who I listen too for crypto analysis..with Shirley Bagshaw Signal in few weeks, I have made over 22BTC with Shirley Bagshaw Signal in few weeks, this is one of the best medium to backup your assets incase it goes bearish.

  12. I'm new to crypto currency and I find it difficult using these strategies well. Where can I find a legit broker? than will manage my account and also teach me how to trade.

  13. In spite of the economic fluctuation, I’m so excited I’ve been earning $45,000 from my $10,000 investment everyday 10days.

  14. I’m so opportune that irrespective of the economy crisis and financial conditions I am still able to earn $19,500 returns from my initial $6,500 every 10 days. Crypto investment is the really profitable…

  15. Glad to have you back. Thank you so much for looking out for us. I won't say the name of the project-but, I fell for one of those projects when I first started, and watched my $700.00 investment go all the way down to <$60 bucks-even thought the project started offering rewards in the 1,000% APY. Needless to say, I will never do that again….

  16. ❤Only for fans over 18 year⤵️ Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthh.Online Brünette und eine andere Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wennm ich 4 wählen würde

  17. A fool and his money are soon parted. If someone doesn't get that an hourly interest rate coin is a ponzi scheme, there's not a whole lot You can do.


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