This Long Term Play Could Get You A Lot More ETH

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45 thoughts on “This Long Term Play Could Get You A Lot More ETH”

  1. Amazing day thank you beauty for the video! I am so happy I decided to hodl ETH on tangem wallet in long term one day I thought this will worth me a lot but now I see I was fucking right haha

  2. You can’t seem to trust anyone these days to hold your crypto, so I don’t like the idea of giving my ETH to someone else to hold. But thanks

  3. Why would anyone want a failing token ?? If you believe the merge will actually happen , your seriously on crack !!

  4. I use Haru Invest, super good consistent APY of 6-14% depending on whether you lock up or not and for how long. And they don't do any of that sketchy lending shit. Super safe and doing excellent through all of this; been with them for over a year now

  5. NOPE! Who knows if LIDO will return the ETH in return for stETH. After all the celcius, voyager 3AC bankruptcies that happened, I would have thought that you of all people would have learned the lesson. NEWSFLASH! stETH is not ETH!

  6. Chico crypto was talking about this arbitrage with these eth set ups. I dont have enough crypto to be doing these shots lol I'm at the point where I just need it to either drop more to buy or to go up up to get some profit my portfolio is humble lmao

  7. Once the mining is done, ETH is pretty much useless. Another centralized chain. With stocks coming back to reasonable prices, i'll take my chances with REAL companies making REAL profits.

  8. Lol @decentralized ethereum. Proof of stake will only make it more centralized. The project is a shame in my opinion, but hopefully you guys can make some money off it. To me, other coins are a much better investment. Good luck guys!

  9. Not worth the risk betting for 2-3% when the token goes down 70-80% thus far. Also LIDO has potential risk on manipulating the governance and n/w after merge. Just ask yourself do you really promote one entity controlling the 33% stake? What is the difference between centralization and LIDO then. A big risk to be precise.

  10. I did that during steth fear a month ago, got 4-6% more eth and did the interest during the last month, converted 20, wish i did it more ;p

  11. I’m confused, if you’re not getting all the steth now bc of trade deficit,
    you’re saying you’ll get it later if ETH does well? And I still don’t understand arbitrage fully and how this would be good opportunity? 😬 I thought arbitrage meant playing both sides or something, but obviously I have no idea 😂 Honestly I don’t know if I’m even clear on what a trade deficit means in this context!

  12. Is anyone checking to see if voyager is still in default ? ( eth is up 50% since a week ago and Matic well over 100%). All the customer crypto siezed by voyager has gone way up in value .. same for 3AC assets .. the govts are behind “ allowing” this 💩 and customer theft

  13. We need a technical definition for “Decentralized”. When this is achieved, I doubt that ETH or SOL will qualify.

  14. this is a bull trap the big drop is coming I am buying more ETH at $800 🙂 and BTC at $12K patience will pay off 😉

  15. I didn't understand, sorry for my illiteracy. Does it mean that LDO is a good buy? I know: Not financial advice, of course. Just asking for the simple meaning of all you said, Heidi 🤩

  16. I am not staking my ETH NO NO it is my hardware wallet and it will stay there I don't care about stake risky 🙂

  17. Thanks Heidi!! Hey by the way I was trying to find the link so I can join but I’m not finding it? Also the coin you are talking about is the LDO? Lido DAO? Thanks 💯👍


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