ULTIMATE CRYPTO GUIDE! How to Play Crypto in Apex Legends!

ULTIMATE CRYPTO GUIDE! Apex Legends Season 12.

Today we’ve the Ultimate Crypto Guide. Crypto obtained a latest rework and buff and he could be a important legend to your squad. Crypto is likely one of the most tough legends to play effectively in Apex Legends and as we speak, I’m going to cowl actual sport examples in element in order to make it easier to to grasp this phenomenal recon legend.

Let me know what you consider Crypto and his rework! Is he now legend?

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0:00 Intro
0:24 Season 12 Changes
1:13 Drone Positioning
3:29 Banner Scan
4:09 Defensive EMP
4:42 Offense and Remote EMP
5:30 When to EMP & Counters
6:26 SMASH that LIKE button!
7:00 Banners and Revives
7:41 Loadout and Style
8:10 Outro

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20 thoughts on “ULTIMATE CRYPTO GUIDE! How to Play Crypto in Apex Legends!”

  1. Felt like my explanation of the Defensive EMP could have been better. Main takeaway with defensive EMP – set up drone, shoot + do damage with weapons and then when YOUR shield is cracked…You can EMP since you already don't have any shield and you can immediately pop a battery as soon as you activate the EMP. That way as soon as the EMP finishes, you can immediately push with full shield while your enemies are healing!

    Hope this explanation helps!!!

  2. After the drone is thrown, Maybe then make the tactical button a drone ping with a range of 28 meters to control and do things like open doors , open loot bins , grab a tm8s banner etc and to manually enter the drone you just hold the tactical button like we already do? That or just buff the drone throw range Idc😂

  3. all of these "guides" are the same – same "tips" same repeating how crypto's abilities works to get longer video but only one guide of many (if not all of them) that I've watched shows that you can heal and fly at the same time

  4. I played crypto when he got his buff and tbh I like how you can attach his drone to a wall without going into the drone first. Because one time a thirsty bloodhound was chasing me and I couldn’t find them so I threw my drone at the bottom of a doorway and then a second later the bloodhound crossed my drone. Telling me where he was and he got scared once it happens so it was a easy kill. So now I be using his drone as a tripwire in a way lmao

  5. Thanks for the tips! Another way I have been using the drone is to get two teams to fight each other. If two teams are somewhat near one another, you fly the drone around those teams getting them to fire (avoid being shot as much as possible) and the other team will think its time to third party them though they don't realize they're just trying to shoot a drone. This will then give you the chance to third party the teams when the time is right. Also hiding the drone in trees foliage, it makes your drone impossible to see and even though you can see them when accessing your drone, it's still able to ping them.

  6. I find crypto uses buildings, doors and high ground a fair bit better than other legends, as his drone interacts so strongly with the environment around it, which lets you pull off some pretty satisfying ambush EMP’s mid fight, where you can jump over a wall/ run through a door and then pop the EMP when they try to follow you, with which they have to decide to stop the EMP and have you shoot at them, or they’d shoot you and get EMP’d, giving you another upper hand to then shoot at them.

  7. I did not know banner scan was a thing wtf lol I’m a Loba main strictly but watching some guy play him made me wanna try him out and these tips are great

  8. I love the buff I do wish it would go out the 30 m so you’re out of the Ultimate range but it will do but really I kind a wish there was a way to use the EMP without the drone kind a like Gibby‘s or Bangalore ultimate I know I might be asking for too much nor do I know how they would do that but I think it would be cool it makes losing your drone not so bad because when you that drone goes down There’s no real help that you can do for your team outside of gun play I don’t know just a thought

  9. 3 days ago i never used crypto in my life, got the heirloom…been using him nonstop ever since lol. he’s actually a great legend to use

  10. I do have a question for anyone so while you use emp does your friends get affected or just the enemy if there all in it

  11. 🇨🇦Hello ,I'm a newbie in crypto,, what's the best way to get started with trade cos I've been makiy my personal research for a while now


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