Today let us take a look at Voyager Digital’s new restructuring plan after submitting for Chapter 11 chapter. Also lets talk about what’s going on inside Europe, markets and Bitcoin.

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0:00 Intro
0:55 Market Overview
1:20 FOMC Minutes
2:40 US Slowdown
4:50 Mortgage Demand
6:00 UK Resignation
7:20 Nuclear Energy Goes Green
8:45 Cramers Message
10:05 Voyager Restructure
15:15 FTX Derivatives
16:35 Bitcoin Realized Price
18:45 Bill Gates
20:00 Q&A

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  1. Interestingly the negative voyager news didn’t bear dump the market. Near the bottom I wonder? Hmm.. Waiting for accumulation pattern is the go

  2. For a guy who does a lot of research you didn't do any about bill gates. Those crazy conspiracies have been debunked for a while. Your credibility has just dropped harder than crypto these past few months

  3. Wow when did George get into qanon/conspiracy theories. Bill gates isn't doing anything like that, too many nut brains are giving him too much credit

  4. George, funny how we think the same so often. I finish your sentences sometimes. Love how you go through in interesting unrelated things like Gates. Yes, agree completely…it is odd. Maybe he wants genetically modified food to decrease the fertility rate…there is a reason for so much farm land, and its either food or biofuels, and prob not the later.

  5. Voyager says – Best way to keep our customers not to leave is by giving them our stuff so they can’t leave anywhere with it as it will be worth nothing so keeping them in means they have another shot at this. This is what I see! Still not in the best interest of a customer.

  6. Voyager “bankruptcy” is obvious a scam.

    This company is run by a guy called Steve. He’s been in finance world for over 30 years. Voyager would be his third exchange that he has built from the ground up. His first one was famously Etrade. So he’s not a dumb guy and he knows his way around the financial world

    Now the story is that he just “loaned” $650 million to three arrows capital with absolutely no collateral. Because they had a “good reputation” Even though everybody knew that they were involved in some very risky defi plays to earn yield.

    Now if anybody stops and thinks for one second this event it’s apparent that it really really really does not add up or even sound plausible in any situation

    Because nobody in the financial World operates like this.

    It’s like a Career London taxi driver telling you that he got lost in Piccadilly. It is beyond ridiculous.

    Now there’s only two ways that this could have happened. Either it is a complete and utter scam or Steve Erlach has gone completely insane

    90% probability that it is a scam.

    Same goes for all those “losses” at Celsius and all these other BS platforms which are certainly going bankrupt as well.

    It’s amazing what access to large amounts of other peoples money does to the human brain. There really is no limit to the amount of treachery for fast money

  7. I can't believe a logical person like you would repeat the conspiracy theories. "depopulating the planet", really? Lol. Sounds like Qanon. It is surprising how these conspiracy theories, if being repeated, seep in to the people with reasonable education. Amazing.

  8. The Bil Gates conspiracy theories need to stop. That garbage is going to drive people away. We came here for crypto news not baseless conspiracy theories that aren't backed up by any facts just hearsay. The lies that Bill Gates developed COVID and was researching it before the pandemic is just so sad to hear you peddle.

  9. Luna had a new plan now Voyager and Celsius has a new plan ; what a
    Scam. Now there is a lawsuit against Celsius.Take out money from all these so-called exchanges ASAP

  10. George, thanks for saying to get out of Voyager, I had to take a loss on my hodl, buy i got to keep some and got out a few days before halting. Steve is a scumbag, and I will chalk up the loss to lesson learned, Not your keys. Im going deep into Defi now.

  11. Things is George, your not a conspiracy theorist if you question the status quo. Problem with Americans is that they don't have the ability of critical thinking. They are brain dead sheep. The overwhelming majority are afraid to share their true opinions because of fear of being ridiculed, but this was by design. Look at the aliens for example. I'm crazy right now for mentioning it but 50 years ago I would be mocked and ultimately lose my credibility. But that is all changing now that their government is giving you some insight into it, everyone all of a sudden becomes a believer with the attitude of " oh I knew there was always something there" lmao typical sheep. Stay true to you and continue to be you and sceptical of everyone!

  12. "Market can't open until I ring that bell" – Quote of the Day!!! Love your channel. I've learned a lot from you over the past 6 months. Keep it up!


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