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Hey E.T Fam! Happy Wednesday! So, evidently issues are beginning to come to a head. The crypto markets have remained stagnant, however we’re beginning to witness some fireworks within the common economic system. The Euro has just about crashed. It was introduced the opposite day that the Euro has fallen to the equivalence of USD for the primary time in 20 years. To add to the turbulence, inflation is constant to rise by the day.

If you’ve gone procuring or bought gasoline just lately, I’m positive that you simply’ve seen the drastic change. If there was any doubt that we’re at the least headed for a significant recession (if we aren’t already in a single) this could act as affirmation that it is perhaps a short time earlier than issues get higher. As beforehand said, the crypto market continues to comply with the development of boring. There could also be a number of value bounces on the horizon, however that is nonetheless a bear market.

So use warning when approaching an entry. Hang in there Fam! Talk to you all quickly!

00:00 – Intro
01:31 – Consumer costs leap sharply
02:44 – Recession is the very best case situation
03:50 – DXY up solely
04:34 – FOMC assembly chances
06:27 – Inflation charge
07:20 – Sharp reversals
08:33 – Big tech incomes begins
10:00 – Doom loop has begun
12:35 – The recession just isn’t priced in
15:10 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This just isn’t monetary recommendation! This is an leisure and opinion-based present. I’m not a monetary adviser. Please solely make investments what you may afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your personal analysis earlier than investing. DYOR



  1. I don't think earnings will be bad for big tech and there will be no "ugly truth." Smart companies are anticipating a recession and taking proactive actions by doing things like cutting hiring. This channel has become very click baity and you seem to be spreading what you once preached against, FUD.

  2. Keep in mind that the vast majority misses when we're at the top of a market. Everything looks too rosy. It's got to continue. The same thing on bottoms. There's all kinds of bad news. It's got to go further down. We're definitely somewhere in the lower bands. Dollar cost averaging is another way to approach this

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  4. Yes everyone who comes home…..only when coming home, does everyone get covid ……….. air conditioning, done on purpose.
    Glad your feeling better and back, krowns girl has been very I'll, on returning on a plane from holiday, everyone I know is getting I'll after coming back from anywhere by plane.

  5. Ya, everyone is expecting 'rubber to hit the road' and things to head down, therefor the markets will do the exact opposite.

  6. I am calm enough because I have invested only the usdt that I can afford to lose, so I am not panicking.

  7. Makes video about how bottom is not in… Eth jump 12% the next day…. Quit trying to time the market. You can't do it. Buying between $700-$1300 and just wait. When it's over $2500 it won't matter what you got it at. What would matter is it going to $1700 and you having none and having to jump in then.

  8. Lost all my crypto with Voyager. Starting over once I can afford a cold storage! Glad to see you have recovered from the C word.

  9. You have a great skill to make crypto easy to understand. Like way more your videos now in bear market than in bull. Thank you Sir✌️

  10. It’s all part of the plan brother. Crash everything, order out of chaos. Then bring in “the Calvary” one world government one world currency. Whole globe United. It’s all biblical it’s coming and nothing we say or do will change it. It’s time to come to realization, that there is one King Yesuah He is coming back, get prepared repent of your old ways and turn to the cross!


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