Warning: NEW Bitcoin DEATH CROSS Coming!

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Warning: NEW Bitcoin MEGA DEATH CROSS Coming!

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0:00 Intro
1:00 4 Day Mega Death Cross
1:27 3 Day Death Cross
1:51 200 Week Moving Average
2:51 2015
3:28 2019
4:15 2022
5:30 Potential Bottom

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35 thoughts on “Warning: NEW Bitcoin DEATH CROSS Coming!”

  1. I could count on you, you were made you bring happiness into our worlds… Thanks you for your valuables help❤

  2. love your contrarian view, im a contrarian myself……….retail always loses lol……………not sure why you are saying we will bottom if the chart is showing we have bottomed? are you saying that july 20-24 is the last chance to buy or are you saying there is a chance we go lower than 17.5, which goes against what the last two times showed……….would love your clarification……..really impressed with your simple explanations…….really rosonates with me……will follow

  3. Following you, no one in the space needs any one of the freakinn "MOON boys" not having any clue of TA – DANKE Steve for your videos full of value and regards from Germany

  4. Isn’t it crazy to think that in a couple of years you’ll have another chance to buy a bear market bottom on Bitcoin .. Where you can then ride the waves for 1000s of %s. make the most of this opportunity now and leave fear out of it.

  5. Last year at the same time Bitcoin came down and broke k with a wick and came back up is this some kind of like connection where we meet a year later and resume a bull market when we connect this point in time with last year?

  6. Isn’t this our second death cross? Your logic is saying the bottom is now from your death cross, but why happened with the last death cross? That want the bottom.

  7. With you on all accounts Steve. Looking left says we probably already hit the bottom. But the recession will probably hit us harder than we think. BTC hasn't existed under such conditions previously. If the stock market has another 10-15% down to go, which seems very likely, BTC could tank further

  8. I've been following you for years and I can say with confidence that you are the best TA in the crypto world out there. You are by far the most accurate Analyst in this market. All my respect, bravo 👏 👏 👏

  9. Steve I trust you more than everyone else in the Cryoto space cause you are trying to read the charts like a book no BS
    Big Salutations from Iran

  10. This is not even closer to bottom Steve . Your videos were honest few weeks back but seems so many people want to go a bit higher to exit the positions which they are already in loss .

  11. there was no war & high inflation and the feds are raising interest rates, the booster are set but there ain't no fuel, we will most probably crab walk here for 18 month , happy trading

  12. Been watching you since 2017. you are always on point. Thanks for your humble honest opinion over the last 5 yrs

  13. Awesome work as always. Thanks a ton Steve! And if I am not mistaken, your opinion has never been so clear and clean cut.
    Thanks for preparing me and my fellow underdogs.

  14. Steeve u have balls to stick to "bottom is in now or within a week", respect for you, hope u will stick to it no matter of the result

  15. What about Garreth Solaway, he predicts a $12,000 bottom. You had him on your show and he has been correct in the past.


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